2023 IBSC Annual Conference

2023 IBSC Annual ConferenceWestlake Boys High School

Auckland, New Zealand

July 5-8 

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Workshop Block 1

Thursday, July 6, 10:30 - 11:30 AM


Featured Workshop
Are You Ready to Reinvent the Classroom?
International keynote speaker, best-selling author of A Mammoth Lesson: Teaching in the Digital Age, founder of #aussieED (the largest online network of teachers in Australia), and co-founder of both the ED Poets Society and #TheWalkingED, Brett Salakas also serves as the HP education ambassador. A primary school teacher and experienced leader, over the past 26 years he has taught in Southeast Asia and Australia. Salakas remains passionately committed to turning educational theory into real classroom practice. He goes all in on connection, collaboration, and inspiration.
Presenter: Brett Salakas, author and speaker
Room: Staffroom


Cultural Responsiveness
Emerging Research on Supporting Boys' Global Engagement
Many schools seek to develop students as global citizens, teach key intercultural skills, and engage students in pressing global issues. But how are we doing this and how do we know it's working? Come hear the insights and take-aways from recent studies on these learning experiences—close to home and around the world—so you can maximize student development of mission-aligned global competencies.
Presenter: Clare Sisisky, Global Education Benchmark Group / Klingenstein Center at Columbia University
Appeals to: All Ages
Knowledge Level: Intermediate
Room: L5


Effective Teaching Practices

Communication and Connection: The Power of Technology to Shape Networks and Develop Social and Relational Capital 
Communication is a key driver of social connectedness, the foundation of true happiness. New technologies often accelerate social isolationism and hyper-individualism, all amplified by the pandemic, not instigated by it. Learn from the findings of IBSC’s Relationships and Technology project and explore how we can exploit the digital tools around us to encourage deep engagement and shared flourishing.
Presenter: Rob Loe, The Scots College (Australia) and The Relationships Foundation
Appeals to: All levels
Knowledge Level: New to the topic
Room: L10


Create a Community of Critical Readers
It can be a struggle to keep boys in the middle grades interested in reading high-quality books. A Book Awards Challenge pulls in readers of varying abilities and interests to create a community of passionate readers. Boys hone the ability to critique books and share opinions with peers. Learn how to prepare for and run a challenge with clearly outlined steps.
Presenters: Kate Reid, St. Bernard's School (United States); Sarah Kresberg, The Allen-Stevenson School (United States)
Appeals to: Lower/Primary School (Ages 5-12), Middle School (Ages 12-15)
Knowledge Level: New to the topic
Room: L1

The Heart of the Matter: Creating the Best Climate for Empathetic Learning
Discuss the benefits of cross-generational teaching partnerships with a veteran and a teacher at the end of a two-year fellowship. Join us as we share the ways we have forged and strengthened our mentor/mentee relationship. Learn how we—as female teachers in partnership at a boys’ school—have created spaces where empathy is authentically integrated into every class.
Presenters: Beth Knapp and Devina Bhalla, Gilman School (United States)
Appeals to: Middle School (Ages 12-15), Upper/Senior School (Ages 15-19)
Knowledge Level: New to the topic
Room: L8


Improving Boys’ Engagement Through the Use of Effective Teaching Practices
Join us to discuss how to lead teachers in developing student engagement. Through video and real-world examples, discover how to create a climate for teachers to want to improve, give specific tools and routines to improve engagement, and leverage data-collection techniques to track the impact of your improvement process.
Presenter: Mark Dowley, Brighton Grammar School (Australia)
Appeals to: All Ages
Knowledge Level: Intermediate
Room: L6


Meeting the Needs of the Boys in Front of You: Seeing Past Invisible Assumptions
Teachers (and boys) are products of their social environments. In a diverse and changing world, this is a recipe for misunderstanding and failed attempts to provide the support boys actually need. In a world where assumptions guide our instinctive responses, greater awareness of our blindspots leads to improved sensitivity to boys’ needs and better developmental outcomes.
Presenter: Garth Shaw, Dale College Boys' High School (South Africa)
Appeals to: All Ages
Knowledge Level: New to the topic
Room: L7

Peer Learning: “Sum” Ideas on Collaboration in Different Mathematical Communities
Explore opportunities to draw on community to enhance the learning and teaching of mathematics for boys. Consider a school peer-tutoring program, an interschool mathematics competition promoting collaboration on problem-solving with students from other schools, and a reflection on teacher collaboration within a department. While based on mathematics, these ideas apply well to other subjects.
Presenter: Katy McLachlan, St. Stithians Boys' College (South Africa)
Appeals to: Middle School (Ages 12-15), Upper/Senior School (Ages 15-19)
Knowledge Level: Intermediate
Room: L2

Mini Tour de Maths Question Paper
Mini Tour de Maths Answer Sheet
Sum Ideas on Collaboration on Different Mathematical Communities

Pushing Beyond the Rehearsal Room: Strategies for a Thriving Boys’ Orchestra Program
Hear a string orchestra director offer effective strategies to grow an enriching middle and high school string program that challenges boys to develop character and camaraderie as an orchestra “team” and add value within and beyond the classroom and communities through their art.
Presenter: Sarah Choi, St. Mark's School of Texas (United States)
Appeals to: Middle School (Ages 12-15), Upper/Senior School (Ages 15-19)
Knowledge Level: Intermediate
Room: L9

What? Who? How? Using Educational Capital
Nowadays many students get hampered in their learning journey by a belief they are constrained by the circumstances around them. Overwhelmed by the rightness of their feelings, they justify their perceived shortcomings and do not consider opposing points of view or the possibility they may be wrong. Learn how to shatter those perceptions, helping boys dream beyond limits.
Presenter: Richard Catterall, Hutt International Boys' School (New Zealand)
Appeals to: Middle School (Ages 12-15), Upper/Senior School (Ages 15-19)
Knowledge Level: New to the topic
Room: L12

Presentation Materials


School Leadership

Carpe Diem—Train Your Own Teachers
Planned and developed by a group of 12 Auckland principals in 2020, the Auckland Schools Teacher Trainee Programme debuted in 2021. These schools developed a one-year immersion teacher training program in their schools in partnership with Waikato University, which awards a one-year online teaching diploma.
Presenters: Joe Cachopa and David Ferguson, Westlake Boys High School (New Zealand)
Appeals to: Upper/Senior School (Ages 15-19)
Knowledge Level: New to the topic
Room: G11


Data for Culture: Using Student Data to Track and Influence School Culture
An investment in culture offers the greatest returns on the well-being of a school community. Learn how to use student data—specifically student effort grades—to track and influence school culture. Delve into case studies and get a demonstration on how to template, present, and share the data.
Presenter: Marcus Blackburn, St. Peter's Cambridge (New Zealand)
Appeals to: Upper/Senior School (Ages 15-19)
Knowledge Level: New to the topic
Room: G12


Distributive Development: Teacher-Led Pedagogical Change for Teaching Boys
How can a school adopt a consistent pedagogical approach to teaching boys? How do teachers build personal missions for teaching boys well? Join this activity-based workshop and use Browning’s experience to explore how questions about faculty engagement led to a distributive professional development model that created a full-school pedagogical shift to our tailored approach to teaching boys: target-focused teaching.
Presenter: Danielle Passno, The Browning School (United States)
Appeals to: All Ages
Knowledge Level: Intermediate
Room: G13


IBSC Heads Come Together
Heads of school, join IBSC board members to discuss current issues in leading boys’ schools. With particular emphasis on the emerging evidence and evolving public narrative regarding the challenges facing boys and men, consider all boys’ schools offer by way of remedy. Connect with global leaders while we explore current trends, regional nuances, and successful practice.
Presenters: Chris Post, The Boys' Latin School of Maryland (United States); Byron Hulsey, Woodberry Forrest School (United States); Ian Lambert, The Scots College  (Australia); Mark Sturgeon, Aylesbury Grammar School (United Kingdom); Tony Reeler, Bishops Diocesan College (South Africa)
Appeals to: All Ages
Knowledge Level: Advanced
Room: G14


Well-Being and Healthy Communities

Preventing Dreams from Going Up in Smoke: A Multimodal Response to Vaping
Get a brief overview of the latest research relating to drug use by adolescents and leading psychosocial factors that have contributed to the increased prevalence of vaping. Review an outline of a multimodal prevention and early intervention school-based response offering four key strategies employed at our school, including vaping statistics tracking our efforts.
Presenter: Angela Zagoren, The Southport School (Australia)
Appeals to: All Ages
Knowledge Level: New to the topic
Room: L4


What Types of Activities Have the Greatest Impact on Boys’ Mental Health?
In developing a new student relational support initiative, our school started researching different school programs and relational well-being concepts that reinforce our positive school culture and improve student well-being through healthy relationships. Join us to discuss key findings from our research and discover how to build healthier relationships using vertical group structures.
Presenter: Amy Rogers, Scotch College (Australia)
Appeals to: Lower/Primary School (Ages 5-12)
Knowledge Level: New to the topic
Room: L3