2023 IBSC Annual Conference

2023 IBSC Annual ConferenceWestlake Boys High School

Auckland, New Zealand

July 5-8 

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Workshop Block 2

Thursday, July 6, 1:00 - 2:00 PM


Featured Workshop

12-Year Longitudinal Study: Do Boys in Boys’ Schools in New Zealand Outperform Boys in Coed Schools?
New Zealand has the highest percentage of nonselective, state boys’ schools in the world. Over recent months the Association of Boys’ Schools in New Zealand (ABSNZ) has updated its previous 7-year data set to include five more years of data. Directly comparing the achievement of boys in boys’ schools in national qualifications to boys in coed schools, the data include tens of thousands of measures and yield clear, significant, and consistent results.
Presenters: David Ferguson and Becky O’Gram, Westlake Boys High School (New Zealand) and ABSNZ
Room: Staffroom

IBSC Boys in Boys Schools Achievement Data
Achievement in Boys Schools 2017 to 2021

Cultural Responsiveness
Ko Tōku Reo, Tōku Ohoho: Recognizing the Indigenous Voice in Boys’ Education
Learn about the significant impact Māori medium programs have in raising the educational achievement of Indigenous young men in our schools, as well as supporting the aspirations of their whānau (family), hapū, and iwi (wider community).
Presenters: Johnny Waititi and Ariki Nootai, Westlake Boys High School (New Zealand)
Appeals to: All Ages
Knowledge Level: New to the topic
Room: L5
Digital Engagement

Cracking the Code: Engaging Boys as Leaders in Addressing Digital Citizenship
Addressing digital citizenship is no easy task for educators, especially when the landscape of digital tools and spaces is constantly changing. Explore multiple ways educators can set the stage for boys to be leaders in learning about digital citizenship and responsible technology use. Get examples of lessons and policies that students co-created.
Presenter: Julie King, The Buckley School (United States)
Appeals to: Middle School (Ages 12-15), Upper/Senior School (Ages 15-19)
Knowledge Level: New to the topic
Room: Centre for Excellence


Effective Teaching Practices

A Learner's Toolkit: Behavior, Habits, and Strategies Program for Lifelong Learning
Over five years, A Learner’s Toolkit has been developed, tested, assessed and refined into a preparatory program that trains students with behaviors, habits and strategies to be lifelong learners.  The program works with teachers to translate science of learning theory into curriculum. The longitudinal analysis and extension to other schools internationally point to its potential for all learners.
Presenters: Ashton Murphy, Steven Taylor, and Richard Wheeldon, The Anglican Church Grammar School (Australia)
Appeals to: Middle School (Ages 12-15), Upper/Senior School (Ages 15-19)
Knowledge Level: New to the topic
Room: L9

A Matter of Translation Conference 2023 Flyer
A Learner's Toolkit - Manual and Resources

Five Strategies to Achieve Your Dreams! Study Principles to Empower Boys
Our school wanted to determine what the latest research showed about how our students should best prepare for exams. We partnered with the University of Queensland Science of Learning Research Centre to survey students so we could understand what they currently did, determine what the research advised, and develop a plan to embed this in the language and culture of the school.
Presenters: Damien Coman and Mason Hellyer, St. Joseph's College Gregory Terrace (Australia)
Appeals to: All Ages
Knowledge Level: New to the topic
Room: L6

UQ Terrace Project

How Do Master Relational Teachers Sustain and Repair Relationships with Boys?
Teachers may think that repairing relationships is beyond their limits or impossible due to factors outside the classroom. By investigating perspectives and approaches from master relational teachers in PK-8 grade, we discover a limitless capacity to assess situations and select relational gestures that foster the supportive relationships needed for successful learning.
Presenter: Victoria Gilbert, Saint David's School (United States)
Appeals to: Lower/Primary School (Ages 5-12), Middle School (Ages 12-15)
Knowledge Level: New to the topic
Room: L7


ScotsX: Reinventing Education for Middle-Years Boys
Building on years of research and innovation at The Scots College, we launched ScotsX in 2023. To create a parallel “school within a school” for 20 Year 8 boys, we developed ideas from a team of expert adults to redesign learning without the fixed mindset of “what school should be.” Hear about the design journey, evidence of impact, and lessons for leading innovation with greater connection, choice, and challenge for boys.
Presenters: Hugh Chilton, Jeff Mann, Brittany Shapcott, and Adam Morelli, The Scots College (Australia)
Appeals to: Middle School (Ages 12-15)
Knowledge Level: New to the topic
Room: G12

Strategic Sustainability: Four Vignettes of Eco-Action
We aim to nourish hope for boys navigating an uncertain ecological future. We increasingly model our pedagogies on environmental responsibility, reciprocity, and regeneration, as described so essentially in Braiding Sweetgrass (Kimmerer, 2013). As we evolve into a sustainable elementary school that strives to participate in reconciliation, we are amplifying our strategic eco-actions.
Presenters: Anna Villanueva, Rick Parsons, and Drew Gulyas, The Sterling Hall School (Canada)
Appeals to: Lower/Primary School (Ages 5-12), Middle School (Ages 12-15)
Knowledge Level: New to the topic
Room: L8


Transforming Teacher Practice Through Action Research
Since 2005, the IBSC Action Research Program has impacted the work of more than 475 educators in member schools around the globe. Join us to learn about action research and the IBSC Action Research Program structure. Hear from the leadership team and past researchers about their experiences and the positive change action research has made to their practice.
Presenters: Kori Brown, The Haverford School (United States); Trish Cislak, Crescent School (Canada); Polly Higgins, King Edward's School (United Kingdom); Janetta Lien, The Browning School (United States); Luke Rawle, Toowoomba Grammar School (Australia); Laura Sabo, St. Christophers School (United States); Di Laycock
Appeals to: All Ages
Knowledge Level: New to the topic
Room: G14

School Leadership

Designing Customer Experience in Schools
How can you get every member of the school community to help achieve your school’s mission and enjoy doing it? In addition to happy students and staff, that means maximizing enrollment, engaging alumni, and enthusing current parents along the way. It’s all about designing the customer experience for the family journey starting with admissions through to advancement and advocacy.
Presenter: Andrew Sculthorpe, imageseven
Appeals to: Middle School (Ages 12-15), Upper/Senior School (Ages 15-19)
Knowledge Level: Advanced
Room: G11


Transformational Leadership
Review the acclaimed iLead approach created by the John Maxwell Foundation in collaboration with educators to prepare the next generation of effective leaders. This curriculum is implemented in school systems in several countries free of charge. A peer-to-peer learning model enables students to present to their classmates and become effective leaders.
Presenters: Barry McAlister and Laura McAlister, Montgomery Bell Academy (United States)
Appeals to: Upper/Senior School (Ages 15-19)
Knowledge Level: Intermediate
Room: G13

iLEAD Flyer
Meet the Presenters

iLead Youth Curriculum Brief

Well-Being and Healthy Communities

A Well-Being Lens Specific to Boys' Education
Schools are uniquely positioned to positively influence well-being, which is vital for student, staff, and community success. Explore Christ’s College’s journey to embed well-being into our school including the design and implementation of our targeted well-being curriculum specific to the needs of boys. Join us for insights and ideas as well as resources from our well-being journey.
Presenters: Caroline Black and Garth Wynne, Christ's College (New Zealand)
Appeals to: Middle School (Ages 12-15), Upper/Senior School (Ages 15-19)
Knowledge Level: Intermediate
Room: L4


Comfort Equals Concentration
We all do it. If we feel uncomfortable when seated, we struggle to concentrate, fidget, and lose focus. The right chair can make a world of difference, especially in learning environments. Furnware measured 20,000 students, studied their classroom behavior, and created a world-first dynamic chair that offers the right support without restricting blood flow, keeping students comfortable.
Presenter: Matt Diener, Furnware
Appeals to: All Ages
Knowledge Level: Advanced
Room: L10

Further Directions in Positive Masculinity
Positive masculinity proves essential to enabling young people to form a healthy sense of gender identity. Explore new research focused on taking a strengths-based approach to masculinity formation for boys and young men. Get key take-aways and uncover processes you can implement in your school.
Presenters: Ray Swann and Ross Featherston, Brighton Grammar School (Australia)
Appeals to: All Ages
Knowledge Level: Intermediate
Room: L3


Knowing, Showing, and Growing Respectful Relationships
What does it mean to foster respectful relationships in boys’ education with purpose and action? Explore how the education principles associated with respectful relationships lead to positive actions and dialogue in the learning environment and broader community. Investigate the process of a data-driven project that equips young men to know, show, and grow respectful relationships.
Presenters: Nathan Ahearne and Sarah Mahar, Marist College Canberra (Australia)
Appeals to: All Ages
Knowledge Level: Intermediate
Room: L2

Presentation Materials

To Whom Much Is Given
Hear about our journey to develop a character formation program that provides students with a way of learning from and responding to the tangible needs in their wider community. Nā tō rourou, nā taku rourouka ora ai te iwi. (With your basket and my basket, the people will thrive).
Presenters: Reuben Hardie and Jarred Wilson, Saint Kentigern Boys' School (New Zealand)
Appeals to: Lower/Primary School (Ages 5-12)
Knowledge Level: New to the topic
Room: L1