Academic Care Conference, SEP'16

Academic Care: Exploring the Links Among Well-Being, Resilience, and Academic Achievement

14 – 15 September 2016
Scotch College, Melbourne, Australia

Program Overview

The links among well-being, resilience, and "personal best" academic achievement for boys are complex and symbiotic. For example:

Academic success has a strong positive impact on children’s subjective sense of how good they feel their lives are (life satisfaction) and is linked to higher levels of wellbeing in adulthood. In turn children’s overall level of wellbeing impacts on their behaviour and engagement in school and their ability to acquire academic competence in the first place (Public Health England, 2014, p. 8)

Key Themes

Underpinning both a healthy connectedness to school for each boy, and the level of his academic achievement, is the quality of the relationships he forms with each of his teachers. Join leading boys’ school educators to delve into:

  • Research that explores the links among well-being, resilience, motivation, and academic achievement for boys;
  • Building school environments where boys feel safe, valued, engaged, and purposeful;
  • Curriculum and teaching models that support the development of positive attitudes towards academic learning and foster high expectations of all boys;
  • Personalizing learning and differentiating instruction to support all boys in achieving their personal best;
  • Systems for tracking academic progress and associated models of intervention;
  • Strategies for building and maintaining quality relationships with boys; and
  • Supporting boys with acute social, emotional, or psychological needs to stay connected with school.

Who Should Attend

  • Principals
  • Deputy/Assistant Principals
  • Directors of Teaching and Learning
  • Directors of Pastoral Care, Heads of House, Heads of Year
  • Heads of Curriculum
  • Classroom Teachers
  • School Psychologists/Counsellors