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IBSC Conference on Boys and Music

Breaking Gender Stereotypes:
Music and Self-Expression in Boys' Schools
Hosted by The Haverford School, USA,
March 14-15, 2008

Music directors and educators will be excited to learn that the The Haverford School in Pennsylvania will host the first IBSC conference on Music on March 14-15, 2008. The conference is entitled Breaking Gender Stereotypes: Music and Self-Expression in Boys' Schools . Unlike any other music education conference, the program will focus specifically on issues unique to boys' education. The program includes keynote addresses by a number of outstanding directors; and breakout sessions will focus on a variety of topics on boys' musical development and their need and potential for artistic expression at all ages, from primary to the senior level. The conference also provides opportunities for students to participate in three Honor Ensembles. Details are provided below.

The Conference Flyer provides an overview of the speakers and break sessions, and the Conference Program and Schedule gives details of the daily schedules. Please note the Conference Schedule was updated on January 30, 2008.

Registration rates for IBSC Member School are $275/person; rates are $350/person for those from schools that are not IBSC members.

Hotel Information. The conference organizers have negotiated special rates with two area hotels, and we would advise that you select one of these. Hotel

Instructions provide details for booking a room during your stay at the conference.

Student Participation in Honor Ensembles.
As a unique component of this conference, student participation in an Honor Boy Choir (grades 5 to 8), and Upper School Honor Choir (grades 8-12), and an Honor Orchestra (grades 6-12, advanced) is invited. More information and registration forms for the three student performance groups are provided below. This is a rare opportunity for student musicians from all our IBSC schools to join together, and to contribute to this wonderful conference. A school may register their two most qualified students for each ensemble, to a maximum of four from an individual school. After registration is received, the conference organizer will be in contact with further details about the required music and preparation. A practice CD and/or web access will be provided for each student in the choral ensembles. All music will be sent to music instructors at the school. Music does not need to be memorized; however, the sponsoring music instructors are responsible for sending students to the conference with all music proficiently learned.

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