Women Educators in Boys' Schools

Toowoomba Crest

29-30 April 2017

Toowoomba Grammar School, Toowoomba, QLD, Australia

About the Conference

Working in a boy’s school has its delights. Whether we work with the youngest innocent preppies or the big man-child of the senior students, boys are filled with energy, humour and vulnerability and it is indeed a privilege to be such an important part of their education and development. However, a woman in such a male oriented environment can face challenges in her professional progression. The glass ceiling is still firmly in place in education, particularly the secondary sector where the proportion of female principals does not reflect the proportion of women in the industry. This is exacerbated in all boys’ schools where female principals are extremely rare, whereas a male principal in an all girls’ school is barely noteworthy.

Women Educators in Boys’ Schools 2017, through presentations, workshops and panel discussions, will provide women teaching in boys’ schools the opportunity to reflect on their career progression, consider their pathway to leadership, and look at what a woman has to offer in this male environment. You will be asked to challenge yourself to bring about the change you seek, whether it is for your own professional development or to improve the leadership opportunities for women in your school.Consult Women Educators for full details and to register.