IBSC-CIRCLE Character Education Conferences 2020

The Pathway to Excellence: Becoming a Good Man

IBSC and the Centre for Innovation, Research, Creativity, and Leadership in Education (CIRCLE) present a conference designed to equip school leaders with the knowledge and competencies to build robust 21st century schools for boys—schools of character.

School leaders at all levels in schools for boys benefit from the conference—from administrators to leaders in departments, co-curriculum, pastoral care and student support, and student leadership programs. Deepen your special interest in, passion for, and commitment to the centrality of character education as you develop your leadership in shaping the character and competency of each boy in your school.

IBSC’s global research on character education conducted by CIRCLE from 2016-18 frames this conference. Published in 2018, Character Education in Schools for Boys has been presented at IBSC conferences worldwide. The research draws on the experience of hundreds of school leaders, teachers, and students and involved 48 boys’ schools globally. CIRCLE has honed program content further working with a network of schools of character. Philip S.A. Cummins and Bradley Adams from CIRCLE direct the program, along with input from leading international boys’ educators, using case studies and guest speakers from the host and neighboring schools

Learning Outcomes

Join us to:

  1. Develop a critical understanding of the nature, components, and conceptual vocabulary of The Pathway to Excellence, a 21st century education for character and competency.
  2. Construct a pedagogy for character apprenticeship within a community of inquiry and practice in character education, acquire tools to measure individual character development and evaluate the effectiveness of character education programs, and map the organizational maturity of your community as a school for character.
  3. Use a model for character education and a framework for education as tools to build culture and character capital, explore the character of a leader and develop confidence in becoming a leader of character, and identify a model for professional practice as a leader for character to test in your school.
  4. Gain personal knowledge and perspective by engaging with a global network of leaders and practitioners in boys’ schools.

Before the start of each conference, attendees receive a PDF of The Way: The Character of an Excellent 21st Century Education. Reading this report and watching this YouTube playlist prepare attendees for the conference.

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