Creative & Performing Arts Conference, JUL'16

Bringing Out Creative Expression in Boys

Monday 4th July 2016
Royal Grammar School, Guildford, UK

The Creative and Performing Arts day at RGS Guildford will provide an opportunity to: think about current practice; share, collaborate and learn from three expert speakers and each other; and focus on how best to bring out creative expression in boys.

Bringing out Creative Expression in Boys will afford colleagues the opportunity to discuss and reflect on new ideas related to creative and performing arts, and attendees — music, drama, and arts teachers, musicians artists, actors, concert and theatre directors and teachers — will discover fresh perspectives in many facets of school creative and performing arts. The keynote speaker Howard Ionascu, Head of the Junior Academy at the Royal Academy of Music, will address delegates, lead discussion, and share his expertise in identifying and nurturing talent, and explore ways in which teachers can help those pupils achieve to the highest level in music. Speaker Russell Dean will use a workshop-style session to elicit and demonstrate teaching methodologies using masks in performance, a technique which builds confidence in young people and breaks down barriers of reticence or embarrassment. In the final session of the day, renowned composer and actor David Chabeaux will reveal the role music and performance play in building resilience in the individual. He will also illustrate how to enable young people to maximise their creative instincts.