Presentation and Workshop

The Self-Motivated Boy: Developing 21st Century Leadership

18 February 2017
Vivanta By Taj Hotel
Dwarka, New Delhi, India

Keynote Presentation: Dr. Shimi Kang

“We want to see the kind of curiosity and enthusiasm that will allow you to spark a lively discussion in a freshman seminar and continue the conversation at a dinner table…We want to see the initiative with which you seek out opportunities that expand your perspective and that will allow you to participate in creating new knowledge.”

Stanford University, Undergraduate Admission on Intellectual Vitality in Its Selection Process

In our modern world, anything that can be automated, will be. Thus, the 21st century is considered the “Conceptual Era.” Those with the ability to execute original, adaptable, and enhanced concepts in diverse ways will have the edge in competitive universities and cutting-edge businesses around the world.

In her dynamic presentation, Dr. Shimi Kang draws upon irrefutable science and unforgettable stories to walk us through her research-based method for developing three key 21st century competencies:

  • Innovation: Boys no longer need to memorize right answers. They must know how to ask the right questions, apply knowledge uniquely, challenge conventional thinking, and innovate.
  • Leadership: Boys no longer work in top-down hierarchies but rather in collaborative global spaces. They need exquisite skills in teamwork: learning from, influencing, and inspiring others.
  • Wellness: Stress, anxiety, mental health, addiction, and lifestyle-related illnesses such as obesity and diabetes are all on the rise. To thrive in our imbalanced world, boys must learn to live a balanced, purposeful life and engage effective coping skills.

Dr. Kang provides practical “prescriptions” that directly lead to the new 21st century intelligence of “CQ” or Consciousness Quotient: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, contribution, and creativity. Gain everyday tools to empower yourself and others to thrive in our globally connected, fast-paced, and ultra-competitive 21st century world.

Workshop Presentation: Dr. Shimi Kang

“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”

Bill Gates

In this interactive workshop, Dr. Kang further unpacks the science to facilitate a 21st century leadership experience. Practice and master essential techniques and tools proven to enhance the key 21st century skills of CQ such as:

  • Play: Brainstorm, practice anti-groupthink, role play, and engage in break-out exercises.
  • Others: Resist authoritarian direction and permissive leniency and acquire the balanced authoritative “dolphin” relationship style of firm but flexible collaboration.
  • Downtime: Engage in mindfulness, attention/focus training, and cultivation of positive mental habits such as grit, gratitude, and optimism.

Learn to utilize the latest neuroscientific and behavioral research tools, so you can immediately apply these skills in the classroom, staff room, and at home.