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Mental Wealth: Well-Being to Nurture Personal Achievement

May 16, 2018

The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School Elstree Hertfordshire, United Kingdom


Value Yourself

Take steps to help boys value themselves. Show them how to challenge their inner fears. Emphasize the power of collaboration and teamwork as demonstrated in drama, music, sports teams, and team spirit. Nurture their sharing ethos, inner confidence, self-reliance, and feeling comfortable in their own skin. Learning how to fail promotes resilience, drive, and determination. Encourage boys to set realistic goals and take care of their body through health, fitness, and personal grooming. Examine thinking styles, including internal/external referencing, and moving away from a problem toward a solution.

Work to Your Strengths

Show boys how to work to their strengths. Teach them the skills to maximize results and minimize stress and anxiety. Discuss a classroom environment and set up conducive to these healthy goals. Identify the four learning types and explore how to teach to them. Learn to use body language, NLP, and emotional intelligence in the classroom setting. Examine various thinking styles, such as synthesizers or analysts, and practice how to identify them.

Get Off the Grid

Nurturing well-being in boys means giving them the tools to deal with challenges and difficulty. Embolden them to write out their anxieties, practice forgiveness, and find the silver lining. Tell them to give of themselves by taking part in charitable activities. Encourage them to surround themselves with people who bring positivity into their lives. Discuss how to identify the radiators and refrigerators. Emphasize the healing power of sleep and why it is so vitally important. Rehearse being quiet: Engage in mindfulness, practice meditation, and quiet your mind. Teach them how to negate their inner failure mechanism, click off tension, click on performance, and build a picture of success. Show them how to boost their self-image and live a life without self-imposed limits.