IBSC Professional Development Programs

IBSC hosts global and regional conferences and online events that highlight best practices in educating boys. Plus, we offer both on-demand and scheduled online classes. 

IBSC Annual Conference

The IBSC Annual Conference serves as the flagship of our growing professional development offerings. Each year it brings together more than 600 educators from around the world to champion boys' education, an important expression of our global mission and impact. This unique event stands out for its superior quality of speakers and sessions, creative program, warm hospitality of our host schools, and special opportunity to meet and share views with educators—like you—who remain steadfastly dedicated to equipping boys with the tools they need to survive and thrive in our rapidly changing world.

Format: A member school organizes and hosts this synchronous three-day global event under the auspices and direction of IBSC.

In-Person Regional Events

Member schools host these synchronous one-, two-, or three-day events in a specific IBSC region for boys’ school faculty in that region.

Format: Member schools organize and host these synchronous one-, two-, or three-day events under the auspices and direction of IBSC.

IBSC Online Programs

Focused on a topic of global interest, IBSC Online Programs feature an expert presentation followed by facilitated breakout discussions. 

Format: Member schools provides welcome messages and breakout-discussion facilitators for these synchronous events under the auspices and direction of IBSC. The typical format includes two 90-minute sessions one week apart. Each session usually includes a 5-minute introduction, followed by a 45-minute presentation, then a 30-minute facilitated conversation (in smaller breakout groups), and ending with a 10-minute conclusion. No recordings available later.

IBSC Online Classes

Hosted on the IBSC Canvas platform, IBSC Online Classes accommodate up to 40 participants per class. We host five online class sessions per year with up to three classes running in each session.

Format: Classes run asynchronously, so you decide when you participate each week to fit your schedule best. During the three to four weeks the class runs, coursework and assignments for each unit open Monday morning for you to complete the approximately four hours of work by the following Sunday evening. While you can request a grace period, interaction proves more effective when the entire class works on the same topic. Connect and collaborate with colleagues in a variety of interactive media, including short videos and discussion boards.

IBSC On-Demand Classes

To serve members better, IBSC developed an online platform to bring you customized on-demand classes, webinars, keynote addresses on timely topics, and tips for action research.

Format: On-demand offerings run asynchronously. Available at an affordable price point, you have 30 days to access the content before it expires.

IBSC Ideas Lab

IBSC Ideas Lab invites members to connect virtually using the free online tool Zoom for three scheduled one-hour sessions to discuss topics focused on boys and boys’ schools.

Format: This synchronous offering meets for three scheduled one-hour sessions over three weeks. Each session starts with a 10-minute introduction from a global guest to jumpstart a facilitated conversation on a specific topic. Focusing on real-time engagement among participants and the facilitator, IBSC does not record the sessions.

Headways for Heads of School at All-Boys and All-Girls Schools

Headways connects school leaders virtually using Zoom to discuss operational issues relevant to their post. IBSC partners with the International Coalition of Girls' Schools in this special online class that fosters interactive, dynamic conversations with other senior leaders of single-gender schools.

Format: This synchronous offering meets for five scheduled, one-hour, facilitated conversations throughout the school year to discuss pre-arranged and time-sensitive topics. Currently co-facilitated by Tara Kinsey, head of Hewitt School (United States), and John Botti, head of The Browning School (United States), the small-group discussions include a similar number of participants from all-boys and all-girls schools. Focusing on real-time engagement among participants and the facilitators, IBSC does not record the sessions.