2017 IBSC Student Forum

Beyond Discovery: Investigation and Progress

23 – 28 June 2017
The Boys' Latin School of Maryland and Gilman School
Baltimore, Maryland, United States

In coordination with the IBSC Annual Conference, boys from around the world will participate in the fifth annual IBSC Student Forum, under the theme of “Beyond Discovery: Investigation and Progress.” Dovetailing off the theme of the Annual Conference, students attending this year’s program will investigate some major issues facing society today and ways to solve them. However, rather than focus on solutions, we will frame these topics from multiple angles and get perspectives from different groups with varying viewpoints, to illustrate just how challenging it can be to find a solution amenable to all parties, and why progress is often slow. As they investigate, one day will be spent in Washington, DC examining the federal government and social issues in U.S. history, one will be spent on the Chesapeake Bay considering problems related to the region’s environment and ecology, and another will be spent in Baltimore exploring social issues from the perspective of activists and the local government and business sectors. At the end of the program, students will use what they learn about complex problems and challenges to propose an innovative way to make progress on an issue in their own communities.

Applying for the IBSC Student Forum

The Student Forum application process is now closed, our next round of applications begins in late 2017. If you have any questions, please contact us at ibsc@theibsc.org.

In addition to questions about their background, awards, work experience, service experience, and other basic information, applicants answer essay questions related to this year’s theme. Limit responses to 225 words.

The three essay questions are:

  1. Name a social or environmental issue that you care about, and explain what makes it so important. What are some of the complexities that surround this issue? What should we do about it?
  2. Thinking about your answer to question one, how might someone who views the issue differently attempt to solve the same problem? Where might you agree or disagree? Can both solutions work?
  3. Briefly explain why you want to participate in the IBSC Student Forum. What would you expect and hope to gain from participating in this program?

Taken together, questions one and two get at the heart of this year’s theme. These will start the thought process in applicants that we seek to cultivate during the IBSC Student Forum.

Consult Application Process for student nomination and application details. Please note the Student Forum application process is now closed. For additional information, review:

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