2018 IBSC Student Forum
July 4 - 9

2018 IBSC Annual Conference, The Southport School, Gold Coast, Australia July 8 – 11

Mentor Responsibilities

Primarily the mentor serves as the liaison between IBSC and the student participant, including his school and family. The mentor supports the student in his pre-conference curricular and logistical requirements, including all travel arrangements. During the IBSC Student Forum in Gold Coast, the mentor acts as an on-site point of contact for the student and the host school. As needed, the mentor also supports the work of the IBSC Student Forum.

Before the IBSC Student Forum, students engage in several virtual conversations that unite the group and prepare the boys for their face-to-face time in Gold Coast. The mentor ensures the student fulfills his obligations and contributes in a timely and meaningful manner. Prior to the forum in March through May, mentors join three online discussions focused on student mentorship, global citizenship, and relational teaching. Preparing for and participating in these discussions should take only about 1.5 hours per month. Mentors continue these pre-conference discussions in three distinct mentor sessions in Gold Coast.

On-site in Gold Coast, mentors stay with the students on the campus of The Southport School and support IBSC and host school staff in supervising and chaperoning the students. Additionally, mentors support the curriculum of the IBSC Student Forum and chaperone one off-site trip. Mentors check in with their students each evening to revisit the day’s activities. We'll share more details on supervision duties closer to the forum dates.

IBSC and The Southport School look forward to exploring this year’s theme with the students and mentors, sparking lively discussions and forming strong relationships. Thank you for serving as a mentor. You ensure a fun and productive experience for the students while attending the IBSC Student Forum — and as they take the experiences and learning back to your school community.