2018 IBSC Student Forum
July 4 - 9

2018 IBSC Annual Conference, The Southport School, Gold Coast, Australia July 8 – 11

Who Should Attend?

Student Candidates

The IBSC selects boys from member schools worldwide to participate in the IBSC Student Forum. Boys must be in their penultimate grade of high school in January/February. Each school must also register a school mentor to support and accompany the student to and from Gold Coast in July.

Ideal candidates for the IBSC Student Forum include boys who are:

  • In their penultimate year of high school as of January/February 2018 (or younger if they have the maturity and poise to be strong contributors to the IBSC Student Forum);
  • Outstanding members and representatives of their school communities who have demonstrated a strong interest in servant-leadership in their home communities; and
  • Well organized and self-motivated, with an openness and readiness to participate fully in all aspects of the program.

School Mentors

The program requires the participation of a school mentor from each school. For detailed requirements please consult Mentor Responsibilities. Among other things, the mentor:

  • May work in any capacity at the school (teacher, coach, administrator, staff, etc.).
  • Provides local support and guidance for the student and serves as the local contact for the leaders of the IBSC Student Forum.
  • Meets with the student on a regular basis to review progress leading up to attending the 2018 IBSC Student Forum in Gold Coast.
  • Informs the Head of School and the student's parents/guardians about the IBSC Student Forum.
  • Chaperones the student during all travel to and from Gold Coast in July.
  • Participates as needed in the IBSC Student Forum program while in Gold Coast, including either supervisory duty in student lodging or daytime chaperone duty.