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Are Digital Technologies Able to Enhance Learning by Promoting the Use of Varied Learning Stules in a Group of Boys with Learning and Behavioural Problems? — Peter de Lisle, Hilton College, South Africa

  • Boys and Digital Literacy (2006-07)

Prensky (2005) and many others maintain that games and gaming produce an engaged experience, and that this is applicable to boys in particular. In contrast school is boring or “enraging”. So it is argued that games are therefore the best way to create innovative instructional design for boys. (Barab et al. 2006; Squire and Steinkuehler 2005)

The aim of this research was to investigate means of achieving engagement through the use of various digital technologies, and to compare these to more traditional class activities. Another aspect related to individual difference, both in terms of academic ability and learning style. The goal was to find which combinations of content and delivery mechanism worked best.

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Educator quote: 

"It is the activity itself that is engaging, not the media it is wrapped in."