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Does e-Communications and Writing Through Shared Web Spaces Such as Wikis and Google Docs Enhance the Learning Experience for Boys? — Andrew Holmgren, Fairfield Country Day School, United States

  • Boys and Digital Literacy (2006-07)

The purpose of this project was to determine if e-communication and writing through the use of wikis and Google Docs contributed to the overall quality of work and level of engagement for boys in grades six, seven, and eight.

When thinking about our program, it occurred to me that we had a confluence of two issues. With the explosion of My Space, blogs, and other shared web forums, the question became, “Can we use our boys’ penchant for these shared spaces to further their learning experience?” At the same time, the faculty was struggling with a common problem to young boys, “How to manage a shared project (specifically a longterm project) when the organizational skills of an 11- to 13-year-old boy are, to say the least, still developing?”

Preliminary findings suggest that the more comfortable one is with the internet, the more responsive one will be to online shared spaces.

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Educator quote:  

"As we all struggle with the relevance of technology and the place it has in boys’ education, we should not underestimate the simple lure of the familiar. Would the wikis have been as popular with boys less familiar with technology? Is using technology to teach a room full of tech-savvy students any different than using batting averages to teach math to a room full of baseball players?"