Does Using a Variety of Stimuli that Cater to All Learning Styles Help Boys Become Confidence, Powerful and Prolific Writers of Poetry? — Steve Lott, Aldwickbury School, United Kingdom

  • Writing (2009-10)

This report summarises a year-long investigation into the effect that implementing a learning styles approach had upon the prolificacy, power and confidence of a group of boys when writing poetry. The project was undertaken with boys in Year 7 and Year 8, 11 to 13 year olds respectively, at Aldwickbury School, UK. Aldwickbury is a non-selective independent school, but most of the boys operate at or above national expectations. A range of methods was used to collect data; surveys, interviews, written feedback from the boys following lessons, informal conversation, notes, and the resultant work. The results broadly support the fact that boys responded well to tasks delivered in their preferred learning style. However, there was also evidence to suggest that some boys perceived their work to be ‘best’ when the initial stimulus had been delivered in a style other than their preferred learning style. 

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