Boys Sharing What They See in Books — Maggie Dixon, Collegiate School, United States

  • Libraries (2010-11)

This paper presents the findings from an action research project investigating the developing of metacognitive processes through visualization techniques as a way of encouraging boys to become more engaged readers.

Collegiate School‟s 4th grade produced peer review book recommendations that described sensory experiences using videos, podcasts, or drawings of any library book of choice. They published them in a MARC record of the library‟s online catalog. The activity was designed to strengthen boys‟ metacognition processes in the belief that this would enhance their free voluntary reading experience.

Three educational tenets set the tone for the research:

  1. The use of technology as an educational tool enhances positive attitudes toward reading.
  2. Readers that learn and practice comprehension skills have a deeper, more pleasurable reading experience.
  3. Male role models are an important factor in encouraging boys to read.