e-Readers: Enhancing Boys' Reading Experience — Liz Avery, Anglican Church Grammar School, Australia

  • Libraries (2010-11)

A group of 20 Middle and Senior School boys of varying interests, ages and abilities was chosen to participate in an action research project investigating the motivational aspects of e-readers at Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie) in Brisbane. At Churchie we have a strong vision for developing deeper levels of literacy skills in our boys but it is within these years, with the increased demands on their adolescent lives, that they often tend to either drift away from reading or indeed, become confirmed lifelong readers.

Various books were read by the boys using e-readers over a period of weeks, and through questionnaires and discussion, it was noted how these devices changed their reading experience. From the positive feedback and discussion gathered, it is clear that e-readers hold a place in enhancing the reading enjoyment and competence amongst a number of boys that Churchie has regarded as needing greater assistance to reach that deeper literacy skill level.