How Can the Reading of an E-book, Using Cell Phones as the E-reading of Choice, Enhance Boys' Enthusiasm and Success in Reading? — Mandy Durnford, Hilton College, South Africa

  • Libraries (2010-11)

It is widely felt that adolescent boys are increasingly reluctant to read for pleasure. However, boys respond positively to the technological devices surrounding them. Therefore, it seemed logical to develop an action research project investigating whether the use of e-readers might have a positive effect on boys‟ enthusiasm for reading. Smartphones were selected as the preferred e-reading platform. Volunteers from grade 9 formed a library club to give regular feedback regarding their e-reading experiences. The research was conducted over several months during which boys were encouraged to select e-books of their choice for their leisure reading. This was a new experience for these boys, many of whom responded enthusiastically. The data were analyzed with reference to both the boys‟ enthusiasm and success in reading and, although the findings were not always positive, it would appear that using e-readers, specifically smartphones as e-readers, is worth pursuing as part of a wider library service. It gives boys both the opportunity to read at times they previously could not and the motivation to read more regularly.