A Foundation for That Creative Edge: Using Digital Tools in Design Education to Foster Creative Outcomes in Boys’ Learning — Kent Moore, The Hutchins School, Australia

  • Creativity through Digital Technologies (2012-13)

Design Education should be engaging, relevant and contextual for boys. Theoretical aspects of the subject, such as surveying, are too often taught in traditional content delivered formats; teacher-centred and, like the many mathematical concepts involved, only live within the four walls of the classroom. Learning activities in Design Education often occur with limited interactive student involvement, and indeed, minimal creative exploring of concepts and techniques.

I was interested in trialling a more student-centred approach to this introductory design skill with a focus on fostering creativity, and so, through an action research approach, I developed and implemented a class wiki aimed to engage my students at a heightened level of creativity. The students designed both individual and group “product.s” The results of the student-led interrogations (as surveyors) endorsed my initial feelings that learning and teaching combined with digital technologies, such as wikis, would foster boys’ creativity.

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