Blogging Boys ‘Capturing the Moment’: Promoting Creativity in the IB Extended Essay — Jason Cheers, Trinity Grammar School, Australia

  • Creativity through Digital Technologies (2012-13)

This action research project investigated the potential of a blog to capture and extend boys’ creative moments during the early stages of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Extended Essay writing process. The participants were five Year 12 IB students undertaking the IB Diploma at Trinity Grammar School in Sydney. The study found that while blogs have enormous pedagogical potential for harnessing creative and divergent thinking in boys, their capacity to capture inspirational moments can be impacted by an unwillingness of some boys to take risks and explore their thinking in a shared learning space. However, a broader engagement in creative processes did emerge from the data beyond the focus on pivotal moments of inspiration. Moving boys past initial stages of apprehension and feeling uncomfortable was found to be important in opening up ways in which they could make connections and think creatively.

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