“I am Number 4.” “I am a creative writer!” Digital Technologies in the Creative Writing Process — Leigh Ann Cadzow-Andreas, Moreton Bay Boys School, Australia

  • Creativity through Digital Technologies (2012-13)

Governments worldwide are focused more than ever before on the importance of creativity in solving future problems, increasing economic growth and transforming communities. Education, too, must now pay increased attention to this human capacity to innovate, to take risks, and importantly, to communicate in new and engaging ways. Ironically, skills such as those developed through creative thinking and writing, are largely limited to writing under exam conditions. As an English teacher, I was concerned that my students had lost the joy and fun of writing. Consequently I embarked on an action research project to explore how to foster a more creative approach to writing through integrating digital technologies into my pedagogy. My first research cycle included a four-phase action plan, with one stage involving the boys in an intensive activity of creating a novel in a day. The general agreement from the class was summed up by one of the participants who noted that using digital technologies helped to make writing “a fun way of expressing your creativity into an awesome masterpiece.”