“I want to teach differently!” An Exploration of Teachers’ Journeys to Promote Engagement and Creativity — Peter de Lisle, Hilton College, South Africa

  • Creativity through Digital Technologies (2012-13)

This paper describes an action research project that attempted to uncover the processes that teachers go through as they adopt new pedagogies and start to integrate technology into their teaching. While it may be generally applicable, it is particularly aimed at uncovering these processes as they pertain to male teachers in an all-boys school. This research is important as it can inform professional development planning and the coaching of teachers through change processes, and ultimately it can lead to more creativity in the classroom. The research centred on interviews conducted with three teachers who had made the decision to explore creative uses of digital media, but also included a survey conducted with some pupils who were involved in a project initiated by one of the interviewees. The interviews were analysed using a method derived from Existential-Phenomenological psychology, which revealed key themes and processes.