Creating a Storybook on the Hopscotch iPad App to Develop Creative Thinking in Grade 4 Boys — Sarah Stone, Christ Church Grammar School, Australia

  • Maker Movement (2014-15)

After recently implementing iPads into the classroom, I noticed that the boys merely see them as a ‘gaming console’ and eagerly use the internet to search for their own things. I wanted to see them engage with the iPad on a deeper level, and for educative purposes. As James indicates, “most boys learn well through hands-on activities. If boys are able to manipulate the materials, they are much more likely to acquire knowledge” (James, 2007, p.43). Some key objectives and driving reasons for undertaking the research were to determine whether Hopscotch is a good introduction to coding, what creative thinking skills are used, how coding fits in with the Australian National Curriculum, and can it be integrated across subjects.