Designing Games to Improve Grade 9 Boys' Comprehension of Shakespeare — Geoff Stanbury, St. Mark's School of Texas, United States

  • Maker Movement (2014-15)

By “close reading,” I refer to the skill of reading not impressionistically but rather reflectively, formulating questions and developing answers based on the subtleties of the text. In Shakespeare, close reading can help students construct a living scene out of the words on the page, uncovering nuances and subtexts.

At my school,... 9th Grade boys are at a point of inflection with their literacy. They have heard about terms like subtext, characterization, and tone, but many struggle to truly understand such concepts, tending instead to fixate upon the plot and other superficial parts of literature. This challenge is heightened in their work with Shakespeare — perhaps ironically, given the sheer depth of Shakespeare’s plays.