Using Student-Directed Instruction in the Building of 3D Vehicles to Enhance Year 11 Boys' Comprehension of the Design Process — Terence Prezens , St. Andrew's College, Canada

  • Maker Movement (2014-15)

A grade 11 class of boys from St. Andrew's College in Aurora Canada took part in an action research project which investigated philosophies of the Maker Movement; specifically, the effects of student-centred learning and Constructionism on understanding the design process and the use of SolidWorks software. The student-centred aspect of the action took the form of blended learning and the boys divided their time between reviewing online documents, constructing 3D designs in SolidWorks, and getting one-on-one help from their teacher or peers. No time was spent teaching to the whole class. The result was that the projects the boys produced were among the best, if not the best, products ever. The boys almost unanimously claimed to have enjoyed the learning more because of the self-discovery they were allowed to experience.