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A Small Change: A Global Difference — Colleen Kennedy, Lisanne Nagy, St. David's Marist, South Africa

  • Global Citizenship (2015-16)

Over a ten -week period in the third term of 2015 (September to November), fifteen 13 to 14 year -old boys from St David’s Marist Inanda participated in a series of collaborative investigations to develop strategies to maximise efficient utilisation of a limited energy resource. The object of the research was to see if these interventions would result in any form of responsible behavioural or attitude change in the boys , and to give them an understanding of their role as concerned global citizen s; acting locally but impact ing globally . By allowing the boys the freedom t o drive these investigation s, we observed a change developing in their attitude towards responsible energy usage. It was clear from our findings that sustainable behavioural change was dependent on the boys’ a wareness of the issue , and being given the responsibility to find workable solutions through the process of participating in this action research project .