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Blogging to Increase Global Awareness in Grade 7 Boys — Frank Snyder, Kerry Dimeo, Lisa Kristofik, San Miguel Academy, United States

  • Global Citizenship (2015-16)

For this project, we researched how blogging about STEAM environmental practices could increase 7th grade boys’ awareness and understanding of the impact their actions have on a global scale. We added blogging to the humanities and PBL 2 curriculum, where students focus on their actions and analyse what they mean for the environment, both locally and globally. Our research required both our science and humanities departments to work together in development of this program. Through our intervention, we discovered that the boys did gain an awareness that their environmental actions have an impact on others. We were able to come to this conclusion by conducting surveys, reviewing each student's blog posts, and doing post interviews. During Rod’s interview he said, “We have to take care of nature too. Not just some people but everyone.” George wrote, “We should protect nature more. Animals and plants are dying and we are taking away their resources. People seem to change resources for their needs and not think about the environment.” When asked to write about the progress humans have made, Brandon wrote; “The Industrial Revolution had a lot of positive effects on people but not many on nature. People thought the Industrial Revolution was a good thing at the time. But because they were lost in all the technology they never noticed all the negative things happening in the environment.”