Examining the Effects of Grade 11/12 Environmental Studies Students Participating in Collaborative Two-Stage Testing — Norm Kaethler, St. George’s School, Canada

  • Collaboration and Team Learning (2016-17)

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” ~a contemporary proverb

Collaboration can be a powerful experience for students to learn from themselves and from one another. Collaborative learning activities must be chosen purposefully and crafted carefully. My project was to enlist my students’ help to hone a collaborative learning activity, the collaborative 2-stage test.

In collaborative 2-stage tests, students complete a test as individuals and then immediately complete the same, or very similar, test in groups of three to five. During the group stage, students are encouraged to discuss the questions and come to a consensus on their answers.

This testing method is an example of assessment as learning. Collaborative 2-stage testing has been shown to improve individual student learning for undergraduate students, as evidenced by improved individual scores on follow-up tests.