Focusing on Active Listening Strategies to Enhance Collaborative Writing Skills for 9 Year-Old Boys — Lynn Terman, St. Mark’s School of Texas, United States

  • Collaboration and Team Learning (2016-17)
  • Students spend between 50% to 75% of their time listening during the school day. However, it’s the communication skill least likely to be taught.
  • The classroom constitution serves as the cornerstone for how my students operate throughout the year.
  • Over the past two years, my boys have struggled to listen to one another and work collaboratively during this writing process.
  • Although students are quick to identify good listening traits, e.g. look the speaker in the eye and don’t talk while others are talking, they can’t explain what active listening is or why it’s important.
  • Thus, can simply teaching boys active listening skills improve their ability to collaborate?

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