Participating in Collaborative Problem-Solving to Encourage Perseverance in Maths Learning Amongst Year 5 Boys — Chloe Collett, The Scots College, Australia

  • Collaboration and Team Learning (2016-17)

Amongst the boys that I have taught, there is a general perception that maths is hard, irrelevant, and a source of anxiety in their lives. This contributes to a lack of perseverance and resilience in maths learning, which in turn, inhibits their progress and motivation. Discussion in the wider literature supports such claims linking a lack of perseverance to loss of confidence, negative self perception regarding intelligence, low expectations, and deteriorating performance (Meyer, Turner & Spencer, 1997; Sullivan, Tobias and McDonough, 2006). In responding to these challenges, this research sought to transform both boys’ performance in, and attitude towards maths. To this end a learning intervention was designed that focussed on boys’ participation in four collaborative, real world, problem solving challenges.