Developing A Growth Mindset Via Facilitated Reflection During A Week Long Adventurous Journey

  • Adaptability (2017-18)

This action research project investigated how facilitated reflection via video, journal writing, and verbal reflections impacted on the mindset of the boys. The goal was to foster a growth mindset with the hope that this would be carried by the boys into their final year of school. In previous years, no reflective activities were used to seek information regarding how the boys may have grown. Comments that it was a “great trip” and that they had “learnt a lot about themselves,” were not conclusive to any understanding of what the trip provided for them other than it was a great time away with their peers. I wanted to understand how they adapted to adversity and how they could respond to pressure in constructive ways. By fostering a growth mindset, might boys be better able to respond to change and adapt to the challenges they will face once they leave the boundaries of school?