Developing Flexible Approaches To Problem-Solving Through Role-Play With Upper Sixth Boys

  • Adaptability (2017-18)

Teaching in an academically-selective boys’ school gives ample opportunity to teach boys who are exceptional at the subject of physics. Many are hoping to attend the best universities in the country to study either physics or engineering. A frequent hardship for them is adapting their academic and examination abilities into a meaningful demonstration of their prowess during a university interview, often costing them their place. Through this action research project, a group of Sixth Form boys underwent a series of subject and content relevant role-play activities, which enabled them to identify their own weaknesses within interviews and improve their confidence to adapt their subject knowledge to an applicable situation. The project was a success at assisting students to be flexible within their interviews for Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Through completing this project I will be adapting my own teaching practice in the future to include similar activities in all lessons I have with high-attaining Sixth Form boys.