Everyday Heroes: Encouraging Year 3 Boys To Respond Courageously To Newness And Uncertainty

  • Adaptability (2017-18)

In Autumn 2017 a class of 19 seven to eight-year-old boys took part in a 10-week Everyday Hero programme. The boys were introduced to the concept of adaptability and the Learning Pit (Nottingham, 2017), and received explicit permission to make mistakes. This action research project was concerned with discovering if such a programme might encourage boys to rise to the challenge of new and uncertain situations, as a hero might. It aimed to promote dialogue about emotional discomfort and challenging learning experiences. Data were collected from pre- and post-programme questionnaires, interviews, and journals. These were then coded and categorised. The results suggest that creating safe, open dialogue about failure and challenge can have a positive impact on boys’ attitudes towards mistakes, and that a process of encouragement, feedback, target setting, and reflection may help boys persevere through uncertainty and take ownership of their learning.