2014-15 Maker Movement

Boys as Makers

The contemporary Maker Movement puts a label on something that humans have always done and will always do; make things to solve problems that are personally meaningful. However, what distinguishes the contemporary Maker Movement from previous notions of making is the potential use of technology that allows traditional making to be extended and reshaped, and new forms of making to be pursued. Technology also enables what has often been considered a private pursuit to become a shared one. Along with its potential to foster creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making, the practical hands-on and technology focus of Making render it a natural fit with the learning styles of many boys. It is for these reasons that Boys as Makers was designated the research topic for the IBSC Action Research Program in 2014-2015.

The Boys as Makers research produced thirty-nine action research projects which offer examples of Maker Learning across a wide range of topics, grade levels and subjects. As well as enhancing the researchers’ own practice, the research findings will make a significant contribution to research into Maker Learning and add to the knowledge base of pedagogy in boys’ schools.

Team members presented at the 22nd IBSC Annual Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, July, 2015.

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2014-15: Boys as Makers (39 Reports)

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