2014-15 Maker Movement

Boys as Makers

The contemporary Maker Movement puts a label on something that humans have always done and will always do; make things to solve problems that are personally meaningful. However, what distinguishes the contemporary Maker Movement from previous notions of making is the potential use of technology that allows traditional making to be extended and reshaped, and new forms of making to be pursued. Technology also enables what has often been considered a private pursuit to become a shared one. Along with its potential to foster creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making, the practical hands-on and technology focus of Making render it a natural fit with the learning styles of many boys. It is for these reasons that Boys as Makers was designated the research topic for the IBSC Action Research Program in 2014-2015.

The Boys as Makers research produced thirty-nine action research projects which offer examples of Maker Learning across a wide range of topics, grade levels and subjects. As well as enhancing the researchers’ own practice, the research findings will make a significant contribution to research into Maker Learning and add to the knowledge base of pedagogy in boys’ schools.

Team members presented at the 22nd IBSC Annual Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, July, 2015.

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2014-15: Boys as Makers (39 Reports)

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Annabel Barber
Making to Improve Grade 8 Boys’ Perseverance in Design and Technology
Bill Bedard
Making Movies in English to Empower Grade 7 Boys
Robert Bell
Incorporating Peer Feedback Strategies into Making to Enhance Complexity in Grade 10 Boys’ Robotics Projects
Martin Chambers
Providing Tinkering Workshops to Enhance Grade 9 Boys’ Curiosity
Vaughan Clark
Making Performance Art to Enhance Grade 11 Boys’ Understanding in Art History
Sarah Cormio
Participating in a Robotics Competition to Build Perseverance in Boys
Marc Crompton
Learn to Make - Make to Learn - Making's Role in Student Inquiry
Nicholas Diana
Building Rockets and Developing Rocket Fuel to Encourage Scientific Risk-Taking in Grade 7 Boys
Brad Droke
Making to Build Grade 9 Boys’ Creative Confidence and Problem-Finding Skills in Technology
Christopher Fox
Using Blogging as a Reflective Tool in the Making Process to Enhance Self-Management in Grade 11 Boys
Jonathan Gunning
Deliberately Focusing on the Design Process in Design and Technology to Deepen Learning in a Maker Project for Grade 6 Boys
Todd Igelman
Making Automated Self-Sustaining Gardens to Enhance Grade 10 to 12 Boys’ Awareness and Understanding of Sustainability
Elisabeth Jean, Gabriel Maynard
Making Models of Early Canadian Settlements to Enhance Relationships between Grade 6 and Grade 11 Boys
Hugh Jones, Alison Gill, Angelina Giannarou
Creating Art to Enhance Grade 10 and 11 Boys’ Understanding of the Role of Science and Humanities in Developing a More Critical View of Reality
Greg Longney
Making Castles in Minecraft to Enhance Grade 7 Boys’ Engagement with and Understanding of Historical Concepts
Patrick Louden, Matthew Kameron
Making an Interdisciplinary Self-Imagined Product in Computer Science and Engineering to Encourage Perseverance in Grade 10 Boys
James Maistry
Creating iPad Tutorials in Mathematics to Enhance Grade 9 Boys’ Understanding of Geometry
Jill Margerison, Andrew Stark
Making to Enhance Grade 8 Boys’ Responses to Literary Texts
Daniel McLachlan
Creating Games in "Scratch" to Enhance Grade 6 Boys’ Engagement with Geometrical Principles
Martha Miller, Carson McGregor
Using a Deliberate Focus on Reflection During a Maker Project to Deepen the Learning of Grade 9 Boys in Technology
James Moloney
Making Prototypes to Encourage Creativity and Support CAD Learning in Grade 8 Boys
Marjorie Morrison
Making Videos and 3D Graphic Models to Build Problem-Solving and Risk-Taking Skills in Honours Geometry (Mathematics) for Grade 9 Boys
Tanya Neilsen
Robopocalypse Making in the Drama Classroom to Enhance Grade 7 Boys’ Engagement
Magalan Pather
Making 3D Shapes to Enhance Problem-Solving Skills in Mathematics for Year 8 Boys
Dan Pieraccini
Creating and Composing a School Anthem to Create a Sense of Belonging in High School Boys
Nathaniel Piper
Making to Build Grade 9 Boys’ Creative Confidence and the Ability to Find Creative Solutions in Maths/Science Investigations
Carey Pohanka, James (J.D.) Jump
Participating in Group Maker Projects to Create a Sense of Belonging in High School Boys
Terence Prezens
Using Student-Directed Instruction in the Building of 3D Vehicles to Enhance Year 11 Boys’ Comprehension of the Design Process
Robbie Quinn, Elijah Reynolds
Making to Enhance Grade 9 Boys’ Engagement with Literature
David Rennie
Making 3D Structures to Develop Intellectual Risk-Taking in Grade 9 Boys
Steven Riddell, Stephen McLean
Making to Improve Grade 9 Boys’ Motivation in Design and Technology

Jonathan Rose
Making Wind Turbines in Specialized Skill-Set Groups to Develop Autonomy in Grade 9 Boys

Stephen Ross
Making in Woodwork to Enhance Boys’ Understanding of Mathematical Principles
James Santosa
Making Wearable Electronics to Inspire Self-Expression in Grade 5 and 6 Boys
Frank Snyder
Incorporating Maker Days into a Project-Based Learning Program to Enhance Engagement in Grade 8 Boys
Geoff Stanbury
Designing Games to Improve Grade 9 Boys’ Comprehension of Shakespeare
Sarah Stone
Creating a Storybook on the Hopscotch iPad App to Develop Creative Thinking in Grade 4 Boys
Kate Turner
Incorporating Storytelling into Kindergarten Maker Days to Develop Empathy
Betsy Tyson
Participating in a Series of Group Maker Projects to Develop Empathy in Grade 1 Boys