Boys and Stories: Pathway to Learning

Top 10 Action Research Reports for 2018-2019

The following researchers have been awarded the top research projects for the 2019 cohort.

Pete Bonds, Blue Ridge School
Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Grade 12 Boys by Reconstructing Stories of Racial Terror in Virginia

James Kearney, Scotch College
Stories of Displacement: Using Drama to Strengthen Intercultural Understanding in Year 11 & 12 Boys

Both Pete and James receive this award for the completion of a highly innovative action research project of the highest standard, and for their valuable contribution to the IBSC research community.

All of the reports fulfilled demanding criteria:.

  • The report was well written, pitched at appropriate level, and followed the structure provided.
  • The project itself served as an example of genuine and rigorous action research.
  • The "action" proved appropriate and relevant in the school environment.
  • The project provided valuable findings on the overarching topic Collaboration and the Power of Group Learning.
  • The literature review included synthesized, not just described, relevant literature.
  • The literature referenced directly boys' education.
  • Data analysis was sound and conclusions were appropriately drawn.

Other reports noted as the top 10 are listed below:

  1. Liz Derouet - Diverse Stories: A Pathway to Developing Adventurous Year 8 Readers
  2. Melissa Ramon - Their Brothers' Voices: Using Archival Stories to Foster Empathy in Grade 8 Boys
  3. Patrick Ell - Life Through a Lens: Empowering Emerging Identities in Year 5 Boys Through Visual Literacy
  4. Richard van Dam - Year 9 Boys' Outdoor Education: Social Emotional Learning Through Place-Based Digital Storytelling
  5. Joanna Rainey - Complicating the Narrative of Mao’s China with Year 13 Boys
  6. Penny Horsley & Jonathon Mayall - Tell It Like It Is: Empowering Year 10 Boys to Share Their Stories Through Yarns
  7. Nicole Richardson & Catherine Steenhoff - My Story, Your Story, Our Story: Using an Intentional Story Sharing Program to Strengthen Relational Skills in Grade 6 Boys
  8. Jen O'Ferrall - Building Confidence and Competency in Grade 3 Boys: The Effects of Digital Storytelling
  9. Kirsty Carlisle & Tammy Bechus - Giving Voice to Unheard Stories: Developing Critical Literacy Skills in Grade 10 Boys
  10. Patricia Alviano - From Reflection to Awareness in Grade 7: How Life Stories Shape a Boy's Identity