Developing Agency: Boy Voice and Choice

Top 10 Action Research Reports for 2019-2020

The following researcher was awarded the top research project for the 2020 cohort.

Katy Mellor, St. Stithians Boys' College
Taking Charge: Developing Self-Efficacy in Grade 8 Boys through a Self-Determined and Project-Based Learning Program

Katy received this award for the completion of a highly innovative action research project of the highest standard, and for their valuable contribution to the IBSC research community.

All of the reports fulfilled demanding criteria:.

  • The report was well written, pitched at appropriate level, and followed the structure provided.
  • The project itself served as an example of genuine and rigorous action research.
  • The "action" proved appropriate and relevant in the school environment.
  • The project provided valuable findings on the overarching topic Collaboration and the Power of Group Learning.
  • The literature review included synthesized, not just described, relevant literature.
  • The literature referenced directly boys' education.
  • Data analysis was sound and conclusions were appropriately drawn.

Other reports noted as the top 10 are listed below.

  1. Kate Cowan - Genius Time: Student Choice in Character Education
  2. Andrew Doodson - Chasing Curiosity: Using Autonomy to Promote Boys’ Creativity
  3. Anné Du Plessis - Cogito Ergo Sum: Courage and Agency in Ethical Decision-Making
  4. Stephen Krawec - We’re a Family: Fostering Community Through Boy Voice and Choice
  5. Helen MacDonald - Giving Boys a Voice to Propose Solutions to World Challenges
  6. Abigail Mills - Sharing Goals, Building Grit: Goal-Setting Theory's Effect on the Academic Resilience of Boys in Algebra II
  7. Luke Rawle - Empowering Boys as Teachers Through Peer Tutoring
  8. Claire Rey - Boys as Journalists: Creating Agency in a Language Classroom
  9. Greg Ryerson - 4C Action Plans: A Pathway to Self-Efficacy
  10. Daniel Wightman - Boys Using Creative Writing to Showcase Their Voices