Member Center Overview

IBSC members gain access to exclusive member-only resources and services including:

  • IBSC Action Research
    IBSC promotes the collaboration of boys' educators worldwide to undertake research projects in their schools to improve effectiveness in the classroom and beyond. Teaming with educators with similar interests, action researchers discuss, reflect, generate and evaluate innovative ideas about best practices for educating boys.
  • IBSC Global Research Initiatives
    IBSC commissions, conducts, and communicates formal academic research to catalyze professional growth and school improvement. Global in scope and participation, these research initiatives represent all major regions in the IBSC membership.
  • Transgender Resources
    As we seek to better understand the needs and experiences of transgender and gender-nonconforming students, faculty, staff, and parents in our school communities, these resources offer a wide range of information for educators.
  • Exploring Boys’ Education Podcast
    This regular, IBSC-produced podcast spans topics relevant to boys’ schools and educators. Episodes range from author interviews to issues confronting boys, from IBSC programs to best practice in boys’ education, and more.
  • Why a School for Boys? Brochure and Video
    While young men and boys can and do excel in many types of educational institutions, schools for boys focus with intention on learning that addresses not only how to excel in academics but also how to grow into a young man of integrity and empathy.

    In engaging and supportive single-sex environments, students explore their values and establish a foundation for making responsible decisions; they explore their own definitions of self, who they are and who they want to become; they learn to forge healthy relationships; they step out of their comfort zone to explore their full potential.

    They are preparing for their roles in a globally connected world.

    These resources explain how that happens.
  • IBSC Logo
    IBSC welcomes member schools, corporate members, and sponsors to highlight your IBSC membership on your website with a member logo.
  • Teacher Exchange
    The IBSC Teacher Exchange provides a forum for schools to connect and explore possible teacher exchanges with other IBSC member schools.
  • IBSC Member Directory
    The IBSC Member directory is a searchable database where member schools can find other member schools through searching by city, country and region.
  • Career Postings
    Employment opportunities at IBSC member schools are posted on this searchable page.

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