Exchange School Information

Organization Info

Organization: St. John's College Preparatory School (Johannesburg)
City: Johannesburg
State/Province/Region: Gauteng
Total Enrollment: 605
Lowest Grade: 0
Highest Grade: 7
Age of Youngest Students: 4
Age of Oldest Students: 14
Month academic year starts: January
Month academic year ends: December

Exchange Information
Desired timeframe for exchange: Third term sept to decem
Is your exchange invitation open-ended? Yes
Grades Level(s): Lower/Primary (Ages 6-11), Middle (Ages 11-15)
Subject(s): Geography, Physical Education
Specify second language:
Specify other subject :
Additional Information:

Primary Contact Information
First Name: Tony
Last Name: Johnson
Job Title: Senior housemaster
Telephone: +27760179879