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Founded in 1995, the International Boys' Schools Coalition is a not-for-profit organization of schools dedicated to the education and development of boys worldwide, the professional growth of those who work with them, and the advocacy and advancement of institutions—primarily schools for boys—that serve them.

  • The current roster of several hundred members includes many of the major boys' schools worldwide. Nations represented by member schools include Australia, Canada, China (Hong Kong), India, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Spain, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, and Zimbabwe.
  • Membership in the IBSC includes day and boarding schools, primary and secondary schools, denominational and non-denominational schools, and independent and state schools.
  • Although the coalition is legally incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in the United States, its vision was international from the beginning. The IBSC is governed by a Board of Trustees with international representation and with regional Vice Presidents.
  • The mailing address of the IBSC is PO Box 3165, La Jolla, CA 92038.
  • The organization is currently led by the Executive Director and Associate Executive Director. It is supported by the Assistant Executive Director/Operations and Technology, Director of Communications, and Business Manager.

What We Do

The goal of the IBSC is to support, advance and celebrate boys' schools as learning environments uniquely focused on the achievement, engagement and well-being of boys in their care. Our schools are devoted to the mission of supporting boys in all facets of their growth and education. As such, the IBSC is a truly global "learning community" for educators in boys' schools, and for those committed to the education of boys everywhere. Key programs include:

  • Hosting an annual conference at a member school.
  • Facilitating local conferences, workshops and events in all the global regions of the IBSC.
  • Facilitating visits and tours by prominent speakers about boys and boys' education
  • Coordinating Action Research in Boys' Schools, a world-leading program that brings together teams of teachers who engage in action research project on teaching boys. The reports are published annually.
  • Conducting and publishing research on teaching boys and on boys' issues in education. Teaching Boys: A Global Study of Effective Practice reported in 2009. It was published in a modified form by Jossey-Bass asReaching Boys, Teaching Boys: Strategies That Work – And Why (2010). A second project, Locating Significance in the Lives of Boys, was published in December, 2011. A third project, For Whom the Boy Toils: The Primacy of Relationship in Boys' Learning, reported in April, 2013 and will be published by Harvard Education Press as I Can Learn From You: Boys as Relational Learners in March, 2014.
  • Supporting a web-site for communication and posting of materials about the IBSC program and of relevance to member schools.
  • Facilitating international teacher and student exchange in the IBSC community. The first Student Forum was held in conjunction with the 2013 annual conference, and will take place again during the 2014 annual conference.

IBSC serves our members through:

  • Professional Development
  • Research
  • Networking
  • Advocacy

Types of Membership

Below is a synopsis of Membership Types. For complete details, including dues information please tap or click IBSC Membership Types and Fees.

Full Member

A fully qualified member enjoys all the rights and privileges of IBSC membership as defined in the by-laws and can serve on the board. According to the by-laws, Full Membership is open to schools that are primarily for boys and have primary and/or secondary school classes.

Associate Member

Associate membership is open to coeducational schools wishing to work with the Coalition for the achievement of its purposes. Associate Members gain all the privileges of membership except the opportunity to vote at the annual business meeting and to serve on the board.

Provisional Member

Provisional membership is open to new boys’ schools that charge tuition. Provisional Members gain all the privileges of membership except the opportunity to vote at the annual business meeting and to serve on the board. Provisional membership is available to new schools for up to three years as schools become fully established.

Individual Member

Individual membership is open to individuals who wish to work with the Coalition for the achievement of its purposes. This type of membership is designed as a category of membership for persons who are not associated with or employed by schools (or organizations interested in education), such as researchers, scholars, or individuals interested in boys’ education. Individual members gain all the privileges of membership except the opportunity to vote at the annual business meeting and to serve on the board.

Corporate Member

Corporate membership is open to corporations, associations, or organizations other than schools that are interested in boys’ education. Corporate Members have access to specific benefits which are listed below.

Please tap or click IBSC Membership Types and Fees to review complete details.

Application for Membership

To start the Membership process, please complete and submit the on-line MEMBER APPLICATION. Your application will be reviewed; upon approval, we will be in contact with you to guide you through the final steps for dues payment and activation of your membership.

If you have any questions about membership in the IBSC, please contact IBSC Membership Director at

Latest News

2017 IBSC Annual Conference LogoWelcome to our delegates arriving in Baltimore for the 2017 IBSC Annual Conference. With 580+ attendees representing 13 countries, the conference provides a unique opportunity for global camaraderie and idea sharing. Together we can promote the exchange of knowledge and best practices as we guide boys on the journey to manhood. We're glad you're here!

Download the Program. With more than 75 workshops, eight plenary sessions, an exhibit hall, and a networking reception — there's a lot to do at the conference. Download the conference program (9 MB PDF) now to plan your time. Rely on the 2017 IBSC Annual Conference mobile app to access the program on the go and create your personal schedule.

Registration. When you arrive at The Boys' Latin School of Maryland, please go to registration in the Julian S. Smith Alumni House to pick up your conference materials and credentials. Each registered delegate receives a printed conference program and name badge. Remember to wear your badge to all conference events. Registration runs 2:00–3:30 PM on Sunday.

Shuttle Service. Complimentary shuttle service for conference delegates runs from the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront hotel to the school. Get complete details in the conference program and on the Hotel and Travel page. You can also find an IBSC Welcome Desk in the hotel lobby to answer any questions at these times:

  • Friday, 23 June, 7:30 – 8:30 AM
  • Saturday, 24 June, 10:00 AM – 12:00 NOON
  • Sunday, 25 June, 12:00 – 2:30 PM

Information Desk. On Sunday, you may find the Information Desk in the Julian S. Smith Alumni House during registration hours. After Sunday, you may find the Information Desk in the lobby of Hopkins Hall. Volunteers at the Information Desk can provide technology support, advice, and information about the conference, school, and city.

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The winner of the 2017 IBSC Action Research Award is Anita Trolese from St. John's Preparatory School (South Africa). Anita receives this award for the completion of an action research project to the highest standard, and for her enthusiastic and valuable contribution to the IBSC Action Research community.

Focusing on Collaboration and the Power of Team Learning, Anita developed a project for her Year 7 boys to answer the question "Why Shakespeare in 2016?" The boys downloaded the Macbeth Graphic Novel Quick Text (McDonald, 2015) to their devices (St. John's Preparatory School is a BYOD school) and this text formed the launch pad for their study.

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