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Purposing Our Boys with a Brighter Future, 29–31 March 2017

From 29–31 March, The Island School, Cape Eleuthera, Bahamas will host a community conference and summit for leaders committed to improving the lives of boys dismissed and marginalized because of race, class, culture, and social isolation. The main mandate of this assembly is to purpose our boys with a brighter future and to engage them more fully in their academic, civic, social, and spiritual development. Consult Conference Invitation, Fact Sheet, and Schedule for additional details.

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TEDxEton: Anticipate at Eton College, 14 March 2017

By boys, for boys, about boys.

TEDxEton is an independent TED event organised by the students at Eton College. Held on 14 March from 5 – 10 PM WET, this conference brings together the College's community of boys and teachers, as well as partner schools and external guests, aiming to expose all those who take part to new ideas outside any academic curriculum. It allows them to consider issues which are important for our shared future as a community and encourages discussion and debate that develops determination, innovation and resilience.

Watch the livestream.

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Educating the 21st Century Man

What does it mean to be a 21st century man? In this PowerPoint presentation, leading educators and veteran heads of boys' schools explain how to lead and support boys best in today's society. Encourage their growth as both citizens and individuals so they are engaged, virtuous, and kind. Ensure boys' success in and outside of your school.

Thank you to all the educators who attended this workshop at the NAIS Annual Conference in Baltimore on Thursday, March 2.

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IBSC-Europe: The Family-School Relationship, 10 March 2017

Join your colleagues for the IBSC conference on The Family-School Relationship, 10 March 2017, at Viaró Global School in Barcelona, Spain. Gather together to explore the importance of family participation in our educational environments. Register today. Designed specifically for those interested in pastoral and family care, this insightful conference gives Headmasters, Deputy and Assistant Principals, and other staff members the opportunity to study different methodologies and the importance of family participation in our schools.

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