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Gratitude for Retiring IBSC Executive Director David Armstrong
A Message from IBSC Board Chair Tom Batty


Fellow IBSC members,

I hope I find you, your schools, and the boys we serve in good spirits as I bear news of change and words of gratitude amidst the leadership of the IBSC office.

Our outstanding, learned executive director, David Armstrong, will be stepping down from his role in June. The coming IBSC Virtual Conference will provide fitting opportunity to record and celebrate David’s loyal, imaginative service to IBSC and the boys we serve. Though connecting virtually across the ether, we will join to reflect upon, and celebrate, what has, through wisdom, achievement, and dear friendship, been a meaningful contribution that will continue to resonate through our schools and the lives of boys.

David’s hosting, while headmaster of Landon School (United States), of four regional conferences is part of a deep commitment to IBSC, which began with his vision as head of a founding member, spans nine years as a trustee and six as executive director, and includes involvement with 15 IBSC Annual Conferences. Come June, David’s direct influence will be much missed, though I know, through presence and collegiality, it will continue to flourish.

Our excellent chief operating officer, Amy Ahart, has, with customary loyalty and verve, agreed to take up the position of executive director on an interim basis while the role is further considered. We are most fortunate to have amongst our staff someone of Amy’s calibre and generosity of spirit, and, on behalf of us all, I pass her our thanks and congratulations.

It is envisaged that David’s permanent successor will be in situ by June 2022.


Tom Batty 
Chair, IBSC Board of Trustees
Principal, Scotch College (Australia)