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Bonds and Kearney Win 2019 IBSC Action Research Award
Bonds and Kearney Win 2019 IBSC Action Research Award

Congratulations to Peter Bonds, dean of faculty and history teacher, The Blue Ridge School (United States), and James Kearney, English and drama teacher, Scotch College (Australia), for winning the 2019 IBSC Action Research Award for completing highly innovative action research projects that make a valuable contribution to the IBSC Action Research community.

Both researchers produced extremely well-written, logical reports using current literature to provide for their studies, with references to the literature well-integrated to address research questions. Data They implemented sound data analysis and accurately synthesized results. These two projects achieve high standards to provide outstanding examples of rigorous teacher research.

Peter Bonds PosterFocusing on deepening critical thinking skills with his grade 12 history class, Bonds has students reconstruct stories of racial terror in Virginia. Tasked with researching and verifying newspaper articles reporting the lynching of African Americans between 1870 and 1920, boys created compelling and accurate narrative accounts of an individual victim's story. This set boys on a pathway to learn about themselves through storytelling and encouraged them to become "critical consumers" of the sources they accessed. As a result, they felt empowered and developed a sense of agency in how they interact with the world around them.

James Kearney PosterSeeking to deepen his years 11 and 12 students' intercultural understanding, Kearney engaged boys in a theater project exploring the theme of displacement. Boys interviewed different people, including refugees and asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Burundi, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe. Then they wove these stories into an ensemble play, written and performed by the boys. The project challenged the boys' existing perceptions of displaced people and cultivated empathy and respect for their subjects. It validated the unique strength of storytelling in drama as a pathway for learning.

Check out their action research posters, videos, and full report in the IBSC Member Center.

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