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Katy Mellor Wins 2020 IBSC Action Research Award
Katy Mellor Wins 2020 IBSC Action Research Award

Congratulations to Katy Mellor, mathematics teacher at St. Stithians Boys' College (South Africa), for winning the 2020 IBSC Action Research Award for completing highly innovative action research projects that make a valuable contribution to the IBSC Action Research community.

Mellor produced an extremely well-written, logical report using sharp research rationale and a clearly articulated process. She adeptly used current literature to provide context for her study and integrated references to the literature to address the research question. Mellor soundly analyzed data to accurately and effectively synthesize results and thoughtfully reflect on her research findings. Overall, she produced an outstanding and rigorous piece of teacher research.

Check out Mellor's full report in the IBSC Member Center . Watch for the remaining reports for the 2020 IBSC Action Research cohort in the coming weeks.

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