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Nick Little, The Scots College, Wins 2018 IBSC Action Research Award
Nick Little, The Scots College, Wins 2018 IBSC Action Research Award

The winner of the IBSC Action Research Award for 2018 is Nick Little from The Scots College in Sydney, Australia. Nick receives this award for the completion of a highly innovative action research project of the highest standard, and for his valuable contribution to the IBSC action research community.

Nick's research, working within the topic of 'Adaptability in a Changing World,' focussed on exploring effective teaching strategies for Next Generation Learning Spaces, and, in particular, how Task-Based Learning might help Grade 9 boys better adapt to learning effectively in these spaces. Through this action, the boys were able to identify tasks that worked well in NGLS spaces and link their learning to those tasks. They demonstrated increased engagement in their learning and an awareness of the need for increased focus and responsibility, to adapt to the increased independence given them in those spaces.

There are three main criteria for this award: quality of the project, quality of the final report, and participation in the program. To this end, Nick's research rationale and the process he followed is clearly articulated in an extremely well-written, logical report. Excellent use has been made of current literature to provide a context for the study and references to the literature are well-integrated to address the research question. Data analysis is sound and there has been accurate and effective synthesis of results and thoughtful reflection in addressing his research findings. This project is an outstanding example of rigorous teacher research.

Nick Little PosterNick proved himself to be an active contributor to the IBSC Action Research community, meeting all project benchmarks and deadlines satisfactorily. In addition, he is already making good use of the findings to inform his own practice and that of the broader school community of The Scots College.

Check out Nick's action research poster and full report in the IBSC Member Center.

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