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Online classes beginning July 13, 2020
Online classes beginning July 13, 2020

Three classes begin July 13, 2020

Building Leadership in Schools for Boys
In this global online course, gain an overview of the theory and practice of leadership in the school environment. Current and aspiring leaders across the school spectrum — from educators to those in school operations, explore and apply models and frameworks for personal and team leadership. Accept the challenge to review and evaluate your own personal leadership skills and styles, as well as those of a leadership team within your school. Get equipped with the skills to identify your leadership strengths and build a professional learning plan for development. Throughout this course, pay special attention to the unique mission, expertise, and culture of boys' schools in relation to the challenges and opportunities for effective leadership.

Mastery Practice in Teaching Boys
Experienced teachers, continue your professional growth on the journey to becoming a master teacher in a boys' school. Boost your expertise in best practices for teaching boys and creating an optimal learning environment for them. Gain guidance on essential elements of mastery teaching for boys, including:

  • Foundational Relationships: Reflect on the ways strong relationships with students lay a foundation for teaching that both challenges and supports boys in their growth.
  • Cultivating Professional Character: Identify strengths and areas for growth among the four leadership functions of mastery teaching.
  • Building Classroom Climate: Determine what kind of classroom climate you aspire to create and which aspects of climate-building are your strengths.
  • Conducting Intentionally Thoughtful Practice: Learn practices of mastery teaching in boys' schools and reflect on the use of these practices in your own class.
  • Cultivating Situational Judgment: Reflect on the practical implications of mastery teaching in classroom situations and identify ways to deliberately develop situational judgment.
  • Action Planning: Create a plan to journey toward mastery, identifying challenges you may face and resources you can access.

Single-Gender Education: A Course for Teachers New to Boys' Schools
Connect and collaborate with other teachers to explore best practice and research in boys' classrooms in this online course created specifically for teachers newly hired at boys' schools. Learn from panels of school heads, alumni, experienced teachers, and new teachers from around the globe. Discover ways to create a collaborative, student-centered learning space, including how technology can help achieve your goals. Ultimately, you'll gain a sharper understanding of what it means to work in a boys' school and how you can cultivate a classroom atmosphere and curriculum that maximize how boys learn. Plus, you'll develop a personal network of peers worldwide to rely on long after the course concludes.