Ideas from Boys' Educators

Check out the articles below for ideas — from boys' educators for boys' educators — on best practices to equip boys with the tools they need to lead fulfilling lives. We hope you'll share your experience with our global community. Please send your ideas to Thank you.

The Boys Could Be All Right: Rethinking the Corrective to Violent Behavior
In this compelling article, Richard Hawley demonstrates that the better boy is not only possible — he is out there. Earlier or later in his life, someone came to know and care for him. There could be more of him. He could be normative. Founding President of International Boys’ Schools Coalition, Hawley is also Headmaster Emeritus, University School (United States).

Leading and Learning with Boys Today
Kerry Brennan, The Roxbury Latin School (United States); Bradford Gioia, Montgomery Bell Academy (United States); Byron Hulsey, Woodberry Forest School (United States); and IBSC Executive Director David Armstrong gave this presentation on March 8, in Atlanta at the 2018 NAIS Annual Conference. In it they focused on the best ways to lead, engage, and support boys in today’s society. They invited attendees to engage in the conversation to encourage boys’ growth as citizens and individuals so they are virtuous, kind, and exceptional leaders.