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Glimpse the many wonderful ways IBSC schools champion boys' education around the globe. We'd like to highlight your school, too. Please send a link to showcasing an innovative idea, program, or event that makes your school special. Links to videos, web pages, presentations, or other media welcome. Thank you.

Cultivating Well-Being: Taking Care of Our SHARKS! 

The Sterling Hall School (Canada) holds a broad perspective on health and well-being through our unique SHARKS model (Sleep/Rest/Recharge, Healthy Eating, Active Body, Relationships [supportive], Knowledge/Experiences, and Service/Citizenship). In October 2023, we celebrated World Mental Health Day as a school by organizing workshops and activities focusing on these pillars. From mindfulness exercises to volunteer work, students engaged in diverse experiences promoting mental, emotional, and physical health. This comprehensive approach aligns with our school's commitment to fostering well-rounded, confident, and healthy individuals, nurturing their minds, bodies, and spirits within our supportive community. Learn more.

Sterling Hall School

Engaging Lessons Wrapped in Stories

Teacher Tripti Pareek at Mayo College (India) shares this story about her students learning through the world.

"Storytelling and teaching are two practices I have engaged in extensively but mostly separately. Inspired by a conversation I had with my son about what he disliked about school, I asked my students how they would choose to learn about adjectives. The students discussed amongst themselves and decided they wanted to go out. ‘To see the adjectives’, they said, ‘You will tell us one and we will go and find an object to match. You can then tell us a story about all the objects with adjectives.’ I should not have been surprised at the childrens' interest in learning through the world, not just of it. Since then, stories have been my one stop solution to not only make lessons interesting but also actively engaging. A lesson wrapped in a story is both memorable and easy to swallow. Not to mention, it is also what students choose given the chance."

Mayo College

St. Patrick’s College Valedictory Mass

St. Patrick’s College (Australia), the only boys’ school in the area, celebrated a Valedictory Mass, which involves leavers, their families and key staff. A group of boys came together on the steps of the cathedral after the mass, before heading into supper. This marvelous photograph encapsulates so much of what we value in boys’ education. Presenting it to a group of boys’ school heads to "discuss" could generate hours of reflection and commentary. Themes of friendship, joy, hope, fellowship, and rites of passage come to mind. The bonds between young men who have shared these precious years are very much on display. This special moment shows teenage boys looking radiant!

St. Patrick's College

Revitalizing the Museum at Mayo: A Living Resource

Danmal Mathur Museum, our museum at Mayo College (India), stands out as one of our most prominent features in Object-Based Learning.

Museum toolkits prepared across various subjects cater to themes on diverse topics woven intricately into the curriculum. Introducing the theme, visiting the museum, and reflecting on one's own experiences are three carefully chosen sessions that make for a fantastic application of learning diverse topics using one toolkit. Children are now on a new trajectory that has broadened their horizons.
The toolkit is a comprehensive tool to indulge in activities that take the child beyond the confines of his classroom, engage in collaborative tasks, debates, hands-on activities, etc. Furthermore, the toolkits are mapped across the different disciplines, including the core subjects.

All these roles serve as a platform for both creative and critical thinking; a lesson that goes beyond the mundane, into a lesson that stays with them forever.

Mayo College

St. Paul’s School: Independent Boys’ School of the Year Winner

St. Paul’s School (United Kingdom) won Independent Boys’ School of the Year 2023 at the Independent Schools Awards. The school had been shortlisted in this category and also in the Outstanding Educational Partnerships award for the STEM Summer Schools program, which has already won national awards. Helen Wright, who chaired the panel of judges, spoke of the school's commitment to boys’ education and especially emphasized its work around character traits and values when announcing the award. Through the school’s bursary program, St Paul’s offers up to 100% fee remission to ensure there is no financial barrier to joining for those who meet the school’s academic requirements. In addition to providing a vigorous academic program and numerous societies, arts, and sporting activities, the school provides many opportunities for its students to volunteer in the local community and beyond and to share their knowledge and passion with their peers.  Volunteering opportunities include, but are not limited to, supporting enrichment and sports and fitness for pupils from local primary schools, working in local care homes, and, most recently, supporting pupils at the Ukrainian School in Holland Park. The school has partner charities locally, nationally and overseas, with pupil and parent volunteering opportunities available to support these as part of the school volunteering program or in their own time. Learn more.

St. Paul's School

Exploring the Journey from Boyhood to Manhood Through Research and Music at St. Christopher’s

Singers in the St. Christopher’s School (United States) Glee Club spent the past year working closely with musician and alumnus Wells Hanley, the school’s 2022-23 Artist-in-Residence. Through research conducted in collaboration with The Center for the Study of Boys, students in the middle and upper schools shared insight into the pressures they feel in their own journey from boyhood to manhood. Hanley synthesized these perspectives through the lens of the mythic Hero’s Journey and composed The Call, which he premiered with the ensemble in May 2023. His talk and the final performance offered a wonderful example of how research into the lived experiences of our boys can inform the creation of a powerful piece of art. Watch The Call.

St. Christopher's School Glee Club

Saint John’s Students: Pioneers in Robotics

Students at Saint John's High School (United States) founded the school's Pioneer Robotics team to further their skills in engineering, programming, design, and thinking. In its six years of existence, the team has won two state championships and a world championship! The boys apply skills learned in math, physics, and computer science to solve complex physical and strategic problems. Both collaborative and competitive in nature, this hands-on extra-curricular activity represents one of the most well-thought-out experiences at analytical, synthetic, and evaluative thought possible at any level of education. Learn more.

Saint John's High School Robotics

Knox Grammar School Year 2 Cardboard Arcade Game

Students in Year 2 at Knox Grammar School (Australia) have designed and built cardboard arcade games and used Micro:Bits to create score counters. In addition, they are using the FIDS framework (Feel Imagine Do Share) to modify their design and make it inclusive for people in society that may have an impairment or disability. They followed the FIDS process to help them empathize and understand that there are people in our community who do not have the ease of accessing the everyday things many of us take for granted. Watch now.

Knox Grammar Preparatory School

An International Twist to a STEM Challenge

Students from Landon School (United States) and King’s School (New Zealand) engaged in a fun STEM challenge where they had to design and construct a package to safely transport one Pringle potato chip via the postal service. They rose to the challenge to engineer a package with the smallest mass and volume that protected the chip—using only recycled materials to build their packages. The boys learned the difference between mass and weight, how to calculate volume, and how to develop a hypothesis for their designs. Mr. Mulligan, science teacher at Landon, and Mrs. Jackson, science teacher at King’s School, collaborated to add the international twist to this project. The Landon boys mailed their packages to the King’s School at the same time the King’s School boys mailed their packages to Landon. On May 11, the two schools met on Zoom to learn about each other’s schools and open the Pringle chip packages. The boys were delighted to learn about life at a boys' school halfway around the world—and to see if their chips survived the journey! To their delight most of the chips arrived intact. Learn more.


The Range Project 

Scotch College (Australia) in Perth knows the world awaiting our students is becoming increasingly complex, dynamic, and unpredictable. To thrive, students must be creative, adaptable, and able to transfer skills from one context to another with relative ease. The Range Project features lessons from those who have made a habit of expanding their range. Each guest on this Studio Scotch podcast has gone beyond an area of specialization, gained their own interdisciplinary understanding of the world, and discovered their passion in the process. Watch episode 14 to hear directly from students about what it means to pursue a range of immersive educational experiences beyond the norm. Chatting candidly about the design process uncovers the pros and cons of project-based learning, student motivation, and how the learning journey gets enhanced when the teacher becomes a student. Learn more.

Scotch College Perth

Scots' Year 5 Boys Explore Relationships and Technology with International Peers 

Partnering with fellow research-invested schools in IBSC, Year 5 boys at The Scots College (Australia) have been planning a research project to understand how technology shapes social and emotional well-being in their peers. This project is an off-shoot of a larger study the IBSC Research Committee is designing with University College London’s Knowledge Lab and the Relationships Foundation. They enjoy Zoom meetings with boys and teachers at partners St. Christopher's School (United States), Fairfield Country Day School (United States), and Crescent School (Canada). They surveyed their peers to find out how they use technology to connect with one another and considered the advantages and disadvantages that digital relationships bring. Along the way, they learned research and inquiry skills and presented their work to the other schools and their peers. Learn more.

The Scots College

Backpack Drive to Support Students at Partner School 

For over 15 years, St. Sebastian's School has enjoyed a wonderful and rewarding partnership with the San Miguel School in Providence, Rhode Island. San Miguel is a Lasallian middle school for boys with a mission to "break the cycle of poverty through education." This summer, students in the classes of 2024 and 2025 and their parents generously purchased and filled 64 backpack with a variety of essential school supplies, such as binders, notebooks, folders, paper, pens, markers, glue, and more for the San Miguel students. In addition to all of the usual back to school items, this year's donation included Brotherhood T-Shirts designed and donated by the members of the class of 2026. All of these items, including the backpacks, were donated by St. Sebastian's families to ease the financial hardship faced by our brothers at San Miguel. Learn more.

St. Sebastian's School

Discovering How Boys Learn Best

Two years ago Crescent School (Canada) established the Crescent Centre for Boys' Education (CCBE). In this short time, the centre has established an international advisory panel, launched its WELLRead Podcast, and produced its second annual report. Eton College (United Kingdom), The Scots College (Australia), and St. Christopher's School (United States), all schools with well-established research centers, generously supported the development of the CCBE. To investigate the impact of technology on the social-emotional well-being of Year 5 boys, CCBE connected with Scots, St. Christopher’s, and Fairfield Country Day School (United States)—the first of many research projects with IBSC colleague schools.

Crescent School CCBE

Knox Grammar School Year 4 Jerusalema Dance Challenge

After the boys in Year 4 at Knox Grammar School (Australia) finished an Inquiry Unit with the Big Idea "Start small, think big to change the world," the students wanted to show how individual actions can make a positive change to well-being and community connection globally. Inspired by videos of the Jerusalema Dance Challenge from various schools, businesses, and organizations across Africa, including St. John's Prep (Zimbabwe), the boys in Year 4 have created their own Jerusalema Challenge video.

They loved the messages of hope, joy and unity that can be shared through music and dance and hope to encourage others to take up the challenge. Watch now.

Knox Grammar Preparatory School

Palma School's Exercises in Empathy Program

For more than six years, the Campus Ministry of Palma School (United States) has been collaborating with the Correctional Training Facility at Soledad State Prison on a program that unites inmates with students, faculty, and parents. This symbiotic collaboration called Exercises in Empathy benefits everyone involved and many students cite it as the single-most impactful activity during their years at Palma. CNN featured the program on the season seven premiere of This Is Life with Lisa Ling in an episode entitled “Prison & Prep School” that aired Sunday, November 29, 2020, Learn more.

Palma School

Crescent School Designs Virtual Learning Program to Keep Students Engaged and Connected

Crescent School (Canada) had to close its campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it launched its new Virtual Learning Program (VLP) to ensure continuity in students’ education and sense of community. During the school’s March break, faculty and administrative staff designed the VLP and had it ready to launch on March 25, two days after classes would normally have resumed. With three guiding principles—continuity, flexibility, and community—Crescent’s VLP uses a combination of synchronous learning, independent study, "office hours" for extra help, and one-on-one consultations with teachers. A variety of technology platforms and tools keep students engaged with curriculum and connected with peers. It is intentionally designed to evolve to reflect the needs of Crescent students, parents, and faculty. Learn more.

Crescent School

Medbury School Engages Young Writers Through STEAM

Recognizing that starting school is a special time for their boys, Medbury School (New Zealand) presents new entrants with a cuddly toy, Medbury Bear. Understanding the connection boys have between Medbury and their bear, teacher Dahl Robertson set about implementing a STEAM initiative involving the Medbury Bear that went on to be integrated across the Literacy Programme. It leverages enthusiasm for success as year 1 boys integrate fine motor skills sculpting, critical thinking skills with the 3D printer, and social-emotional skills with writing. Learn more.

Medbury School

Roxbury Latin Boys Help Create Homes

Seniors from The Roxbury Latin School (United States) teamed with students from all-girls The Winsor School for a joint service initiative, in collaboration with the Pine Street Inn. Together students collected supplies for welcome baskets that they created and donated to 30 families newly into homes. The largest resource for homeless men and women in New England, Pine Street increasingly focuses on providing permanent, supportive housing for homeless people—and has placed more than 1,200 individuals into homes to date. This approach is one of the fastest-growing solutions to homelessness in Boston and across the country. Roxbury Latin has long been a service partner with Pine Street Inn and students and faculty volunteer in various capacities in connection with the organization throughout the school year. Learn more.

Roxbury Latin School

A Whispering in the Heart

Trinity Grammar School (Australia) year 6 student Daniel Lok made an impassioned speech at Reconciliation Australia’s monthly staff meeting in Canberra. The young student demonstrated understanding and empathy as he spoke about misconceptions in Australian history, and the relatively unknown history of genocide of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples—the speech moved his audience to tears. Watch the video of his speech. “It is a wonderful thing to watch young people wrestle with, and make sense of the world around them. And even more incredible to see them making an impact! We’re all very proud of Daniel,” concluded Chris Wyatt, master of the Preparatory School. Learn more.

Trinity Grammar School

Gaztelueta Students Hone STEAM Skills in Forensic Science

Gaztelueta School (Spain) coordinates a truly innovative international project that builds valuable science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) skills. Through a case prepared by scientific police of the Basque Country, students learn the basic forensic techniques used in crime investigations. It is a pioneering project in which students from different schools from around the globe work collaboratively to develop STEAM skills and enhance engagement in the learning process. It requires them to investigate, analyze, draw conclusions, and defend their arguments. Learn more.

Colegio Gaztelueta

Action Research Success at Habs

Faculty at The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School (United Kingdom) name the best reason to work at Habs as the opportunity to work with intellectually curious, bright colleagues and boys. As part of ongoing professional teacher development, Habs teachers boldly carry out action research projects, trialing and testing research-informed approaches and strategies to see what works in their classrooms. And there's reason to celebrate. On June 21, two teachers' action research projects made the shortlist for the National TES Maths Award. Learn more.

The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School

Crescent School's LUNA Celebrates Boys' Creativity

Imagine an entire campus filled with art exhibits, dramatic works, music performances, and video screenings created by students in every grade, for one evening only. That’s how the annual LUNA event celebrates boys’ creativity at Crescent School (Canada). Students serve as LUNA curators and guides, explaining the ideas behind their work and emphasizing the creative process along with the finished pieces. “We have so much creativity bursting from the boys and in a curricular domain we don’t often get to see it and appreciate it,” Crescent’s Head of Performing and Visual Arts Godric Latimer-Kim said. “LUNA is an opportunity for all of the boys to encounter one another’s work, and for our parent/friend community to experience that creativity.” Learn more.

Cresent School

Upper School Elective Provides Insight into Feminism

The Allen-Stevenson School (United States) designed an elective class for boys to learn about feminism at an early age. They soon discover that gender equality lies at the heart of feminism. The boys use a critical lens to examine issues of power: cultural/social, political, and economic. Engaging in this cognitive empathy helps dispel the myth that men may have done something wrong. The boys learn there is no reason to feel guilty and instead explore valuable ways to be allies in equality. This journey of discovery empowers boys and the women in their lives. Learn more.

Allen Stevenson School

North Point School's Long-Distance Call with an Astronaut

The Learning Commons room at North Point School (Canada) was pin quiet as each student (grades 1-9) focused intently on the conversation between their classmates and International Space Station (ISS) astronaut David Saint-Jacques. Over 70 students, faculty, staff, parents, special guests, and media attended on March 20, 2019 to watch history. Omar E. led off the space talk with “How did you train to become an astronaut? OVER” and Josh W. wanted to know “What do you do all day. OVER“. Ten students were able to question the Canadian astronaut during eight precious minutes as the ISS orbited Earth. Learn more.

Northpoint School

St. Alban's Vision to Prepare Men for Life

St. Alban's College (South Africa) senior boy Lewis Seymour filmed this video about life at the school and how it prepares young men for life. The 50-year-old all-boys school in Pretoria, South Africa, educates 560 young men. Watch the video to glimpse this extraordinary "home away from home" that unleashes creativity and builds collaboration and leadership. Students enter as boys and leave as men. Learn more.

St. Alban's College

Crescent School Celebrates Pride

With the Pride rainbow flag flying in front of the school, discussions with alumni, and age-appropriate activities programmed for each grade, the second annual Pride Day at Crescent School (Canada) created an opportunity for students to learn about the LGBTQ+ community, accepting diverse identities, and being allies. “Our Pride Day activities were designed to offer our boys a window into people's different experiences in a way that allowed them to ask questions and learn from each other. We also emphasized the importance of good allyship in our community,” says Head of Upper School Nick Kovacs. Learn more.

Crescent School

Blue Ridge School's Active Classroom

Sitting still and staying focused on formulas, equations, and practice problems for an hour challenges most people, but can prove especially difficult for boys in 10th and 11th grades. Jim Douglas, a math teacher at Blue Ridge School (United States), knows this better than anyone. To create the opportunity for students to move without sacrificing class time, Douglas relied on his action research and installed small DeskCycle bike pedal units under each student desk in his classroom. Find out how this creative idea boosts boys' engagement.

Sandbach School

Annie Wright Pioneers New Upper School for Boys

Annie Wright Schools (United States) opened a new program for high school boys in 2017-18; starting with grade nine, it will add a grade each year. Based on the exceptional academic program of Annie Wright's Upper School for Girls but designed as a separate and unique experience, the Upper School for Boys draws on Annie Wright’s rich traditions while providing inquiry-based and innovative programs. The school started constructing a new building for the Upper School for Boys in June 2018 to create innovative, inspiring, and engaging learning spaces while honoring Annie Wright's campus and traditions. The building will complement the existing campus architecture while adding modern elements and emphasizing natural light. Other features include: flexible classrooms and collaborative spaces, state-of-the-art science and technology labs, a large meeting hall, and a design lab. Learn more.

Sandbach School

The Parliamentary Review Features Sandbach School

The Parliamentary Review featured Sandbach School (United Kingdom) in its highlights of best practice in secondary education. Sandbach's motto Ut Severis Seges or "as you sow so shall you reap," underpins its philosophy of "work hard, play hard." Sandbach encourages students to take an active part in school life, providing as many extra-curricular activities as possible. As boys engage with faculty and staff, developing their passions and talents, they are much more likely to engage with other aspects of learning. The school strives to provide an education that enables boys to thrive because it caters to their specific needs. As specialists in reaching boys, teachers consider the interests and attributes unique to boys when they prepare lessons. The physical environment and active engagement with learning are key attributes of lessons. Read more.

Sandbach School

Boys' Latin Helps Puerto Rico Recovery

A group of 22 upper school boys and four faculty and staff members from The Boys' Latin School of Maryland (United States) departed for Puerto Rico to provide service to small communities still recovering from Hurricane Maria. Every step of the way, the group worked alongside the local community performing a variety of chores, such as painting rooms, pulling weeds, mulching gardens, installing receptacles to capture rain water so that it can be reused, helping convert an old school building into a community center, and tackling agricultural jobs and terrace farming. Despite working hard in the sometimes blistering heat, the students were determined not to let the conditions slow them down. Many of the boys came away from the trip with a new sense of gratitude and perspective. “When you have a family and community, you can work together to help fix any problems caused by a bad event.” Read more about the Boys' Latin service trip.

Sandbach School

Let Courage Be Thy Test

Established in 1962 on the North Shore of Auckland, Westlake Boys High School (New Zealand) offers an outstanding, supportive, and enjoyable learning environment for 2,350 of Auckland’s young men in years 9 - 13. It provides a living example of recent New Zealand research that shows boys perform better in an all-boys school. At Westlake, staff are more than teachers. They are coaches, mentors, and guides, who strive to create as many opportunities educationally as they can. Students describe it as more than a school — as a family. Watch this video to see how Westlake encourages all its young men to be brave, take risks, seize opportunity, volunteer, and contribute to New Zealand society. Get a glimpse of how the school creates a culture of achievement. and follows the motto "Let courage be thy test."

Westlake Boys High School video

The Center for the Study of Boys at St. Christopher's School

St. Christopher’s School (United States) established The Center for the Study of Boys in 2014, reflecting the school's commitment to being a global leader in educating boys. The Center is dedicated to promoting best practices in engaging and teaching boys through research, professional development, and programming. It serves the St. Christopher’s community — teachers, parents, and the boys themselves — and also provides resources locally and globally for those interested in understanding and working effectively with boys. Learn more about its action research, Journeys to Manhood speaker series, and other programs.

Westlake Boys High School video

Supporting Students the Wynberg Way

Established in Cape Town in 1841, Wynberg Boys’ High School (South Africa) has a longstanding history — with its sights set firmly on the future. The school has embraced new technology to help boys achieve their full potential. Key information points, such as attendance, homework marks, and test scores, are pushed out to the senior leadership, staff, parents — and the students themselves — which makes a spectacular difference to the boys’ progress.

Vice-Principal: Academics Ben Thompson says, “Imagine a member of a school’s senior leadership team stopping in the corridor and saying to a child, ‘You had a bad history lesson, everything alright?’ or ‘Great improvement on your maths assessment, up 22% from last term!’. It’s a really powerful way to encourage students.”

Read the case study to learn more about how Wynberg supports students in making good progress. more.

Wynberg Boys' High School

St. Albans School of Public Service

The St. Albans School of Public Service (United States) lasts only four weeks each summer, but our students describe it as "life-changing." The unique program brings 35-40 rising high school seniors from all over the United States and the world to the heart of Washington, DC, where they undertake an in-depth exploration of government, politics, and public service. Students use the case study method (the teaching method used in graduate programs in law, business, and public policy) to dissect public policy issues ranging from the debate over the use of enhanced interrogation methods and drones in the war on terror, to the ethics of undercover journalism, to the efforts here and abroad to achieve equity in education. The learning continues outside the classroom, with visits to meet with leaders of the U.S. Supreme Court, Congress, Library of Congress, U.S. Naval Academy, a community health clinic, and others. Watch the St. Albans School of Public Service Introductory Video to learn more.

St. Albans School of Public Service

Join the Harrow Family

Founded in 1572 under a Royal Charter granted by Elizabeth I, Harrow School serves boys aged 13-18, and is one of just a few full-boarding, all-boys schools in the United Kingdom. Here Head Master Jim Hawkins welcomes students to a new year at the school with this inspirational message emphasizing community, academics, athletics, arts, friendships, support, and more. Not only does he motivate the students for the upcoming year but also sets the stage for a lifetime of learning. Sharing the uplifting video publicly spreads the message to families — including potential new students. Watch this welcome video to learn more about this school steeped in tradition that prepares boys for the future.

Welcome to Harrow video

The Eagle Academy Mentoring Program

The Eagle Academy Foundation develops and supports a network of all male, grades 6 through 12, college-preparatory schools in challenged, urban communities to educate and mentor young men into future leaders committed to excellence in character, scholastic achievement, and community service, and to promote these principles nationally. Currently more than 250 adults mentor the 300 students. Frequently students cite the mentoring program as a key reason for enrolling in Eagle Academy. The inspirational and incredibly effective mentoring program won the attention of BET. Watch this BET video to learn more about this amazing community effort to guide boys on the journey to manhood.

Families Get an Inside Look at Merchiston

Merchiston Castle School in Edinburgh created a compelling online video library that has attracted thousands of views. As the only boys’ independent boarding and day school in Scotland offering the English curriculum, Merchiston takes pride in specializing in the education of boys ages 7-18 and preparing them for the world, developing aspirational, sensitive gentlemen. The 23 videos on the school's Vimeo page showcase its balanced curriculum, excellent pastoral care, high A level pass rate, and competitive, highly ranked athletic programs, Prospective families get a real taste of life at the school — from junior boys to academic leadership team to tennis, golf, and rugby and much more. See for yourself at the Merchiston Vimeo page.

Merchiston Juniors, Merchiston Castle School

Building Confidence Through Leadership

Crescent School teamed with leading researchers to create the Crescent School Elementary Research Collaborative. Following up on global studies by Michael Reichert and Richard Hawley, the school’s results echoed that boys are relational learners and the quality of the relationship between the boy and his teacher is a key factor in determining the quality of the learning. Crescent School adds an eighth gesture: Building Confidence Through Leadership. Learn about the impact from teachers, students, and parents at the Toronto school, which serves boys in grades 3-12, from this report (click on image).

Relational Teaching Strategies, Crescent School

Armour for Life

Boys don't just spend five years of their life at Michaelhouse, a boarding school for boys set amid the rolling green hills of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands in South Africa, providing secondary education from E Block (Grade 8) to A Block (Grade 12). From the minute they arrive, the place and everything it means seeps into their skin and soaks into their marrow, becoming a massive part of the men they will grow into. School founder Canon James Cameron Todd knew what he was talking about when, in 1897, he said: "A man's tone, moral and spiritual as well as intellectual is largely determined for life by his school."

Armour for Life, Michaelhouse

Gilman School Creates Tri School Community

Gilman School (United States) partners with two Baltimore girls' schools to form the Tri School Community. Together with The Bryn Mawr School and Roland Park Country School, Gilman offers students opportunities for coed classes on campus or at one of the partner schools. The coordinate program aims to provide students a diverse set of viewpoints, encourage intellectual connections to strengthen relationships, create opportunities to challenge gender stereotypes, and enrich curricular offerings, among other benefits. Learn more about the program in this Welcome to the Tri School Community video produced by Gilman School.

Armour for Life, Michaelhouse

Insightful Leadership in Education

Find out how The Scots College in Sydney, Australia, has been developing its Research Centre, collaborating with schools, universities, and industry for innovation in boys' education. The day and boarding school uses the insightful research to serve its boys in early years to year 12.

Insightful Leadership in Education, The Scots College

We Educate the Whole Boy

Watch this YouTube video to learn how Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart in Princeton, New Jersey, United States, educates boys in mind, body, and spirit. The school strives to bring out the best in its students, boys in kindergarten through grade eight.

We Educate the Whole Boy, Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart

Be Global. Think Global. Act Global.

Watch this YouTube video to learn how the Viaró Global School in Barcelona, Spain, connects its students with people all over the world. The school champions boys' education around the globe with engaging programs like a student exchange with a school in South Africa.

Be Global. Think Global. Act Global. Viaro School

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