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IBSC the Culture of a Boys' School Conference - January 30, 2020

Join us to explore the singular culture of a boys' school. Discover how a school's history, values, mission, students, and faculty contribute to creating a culture that helps boys develop an intellectual and emotional core.

Engage in collaborative breakout sessions with facilitated discussions to examine what features of a boys' school contribute to the soul of a boy, how to build and maintain a culture of healthy masculinity, and how schools might take advantage of boys' desire to do good and appeal to their higher longings.

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Bonds and Kearney Win 2019 IBSC Action Research Award

Congratulations to Peter Bonds, dean of faculty and history teacher, The Blue Ridge School (United States), and James Kearney, English and drama teacher, Scotch College (Australia), for winning the 2019 IBSC Action Research Award for completing highly innovative action research projects that make a valuable contribution to the IBSC Action research community.

Both researchers produced extremely well-written, logical reports using current literature to provide for their studies, with references to the literature well-integrated to address research questions. Data They implemented sound data analysis and accurately synthesized results. These two projects achieve high standards to provide outstanding examples of rigorous teacher research.

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IBSC Supports Boys and Boys' Schools

Recent publicized events globally have raised questions about the effectiveness of boys' schools teaching moral conduct, especially respect for women. All members of the International Boys' Schools Coalition (IBSC) have no tolerance in any schools for disrespect, unkindness, or violence. We believe a good school succeeds primarily because of its school culture, regardless of whether it is single sex or coeducational, but we reaffirm our belief that boys' schools succeed for many boys. That success stems from many reasons, but foremost from teaching young men moral values and principles that strengthen our society and model kindness, tolerance, empathy, and especially respect for women.

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