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The IBSC is an extended professional learning community, bringing together educators and school leaders from around the globe to develop and share best practices in educating boys.

Through specific global research initiatives undertaken directly by the IBSC and in cooperative projects where teachers and administrators collaborate on specific Action Research topics, we aspire to give our members research-driven, practical knowledge that can inform their teaching and program design. Outcomes are shared at our annual meetings, conferences, and workshops, and here online.

Action Research in Schools for Boys: More than 200 teachers and administrators—at schools in Africa, Australia, Canada, China, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States--have contributed to two-year IBSC Action Research projects. Each year since 2005, the IBSC has identified a topic for school-based research, ranging from global citizenship to masculinity. Action Research reports offer detailed information that can be put to use in your school and/or classroom. (Read more.)

IBSC Global Research Initiatives: In 2008, the IBSC published the first of its commissioned Global Research Initiatives, working with professional educators/researchers and teachers and students at schools in every region that we serve, to answer fundamental questions about pedagogy and best practices in teaching boys. To date, five in-depth reports have been published, mostly recently on strategies for Relational Teaching. Currently, researchers are addressing the topic of Character Education in Schools for Boys, with a report expected to be published in 2018. (Read more.)

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Join us as we bring together professionals new to boys' schools and seasoned colleagues to share best practices and facilitate discussions intended to strengthen all participants' contributions to their schools and pedagogical approaches that work especially well for boys.

To take full advantage of learning and reflection, the conference takes place on two separate dates. Attend the first part of the conference at Harrow School in London on Friday, February 1. Then put into practice and reflect on what you learn before we gather for the second part of the conference at Summer Fields in Oxford on Friday, May 10.

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Join us in Dallas at St. Mark's School of Texas as we bring together leading professionals to share best practices and facilitate interactive discussions intended to strengthen participants' contributions to their schools. The program focuses on various aspects of facilities management and operations, campus safety and security, construction planning, funding, management, and much more.

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